Face Lift

Look As Good As You Feel!

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Face Lift: Overview

As time goes on, you may notice that your appearance does not match your physical and mental vigor. A face lift can turn back the clock by removing excess sagging skin around the chin, jowls and neck. Dr. Michael W. Gray can give you that natural youthful look you have been searching for, while hiding the procedure in the natural folds of the body.

Face Lift: Procedure

During a face lift, Dr. Gray tightens the muscles of the face and neck, removes excess skin and reduces fat when needed. Incisions are made in natural creases and hair-bearing areas to conceal scars helping to create that natural look. Other procedures such as facial fillers Alloderm and Botox, fat transfer to cheeks, lip augmentation, CO2 laser, eyelids, and brow can be added to enhance the final results.

Face Lift: Recovery

A modern day face lift offers a much quicker recovery than procedures of the past. In fact, patients can return to normal daily activities in as little as a week. Most patients feel minimal discomfort and swelling.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

When surgical intervention is not desired, the cheeks and neck can be rejuvenated using EUAL and Smart Lipo MPX alone or in combination to help decrease fat and tighten skin. If further skin tightening is desired non-surgically, Fraxel or CO2 repair and Thermage can be added.

Another option for a non-surgical face lift is a Liquid Face Lift, using fillers in combination with Botox, Smart Lipo MPX, Fraxel and Thermage.