Fat Transfer

Your Fat Is A Valuable Asset!


Fat Transfer: Overview

Your fat is a valuable asset! Fat can be transferred to any part of the body where a fuller appearance is desired. Fat can restore volume where volume has been lost and add to areas where more volume is desired. The most common areas fat is transferred to include: buttocks, cheeks, lips, nasal folds, hands and depressions in the body that have occurred from trauma, cellulite, surgical and genetic problems.

Fat Transfer: Procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Gray first extracts fat from your body. The fat is then prepared for transfer. After the first transfer, excess fat is cryogenically stored for 6 months. By storing the fat and using it as needed, you won’t have to have any more procedures to obtain fat. Instead, you’ll just come in for an injection every 6 weeks and stop when satisfied.

Typically patients keep 50% of the fat that is transferred and can continue to get injections until they are satisfied with the results or until all fat is used. If more fat is desired for transfer, then the procedure must be repeated.

Fat Transfer: Recovery

There are no restrictions. Warm compresses or heating pads are used to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area.