Chin Implants

Enhance The Look Of Your Chin!


Chin Implants: Overview

Dr. Michael W. Gray makes it possible to enhance the look of your jawline with a chin implant. This procedure can give you a more assertive and prominent looking chin that improves your overall appearance and boosts your self-confidence. A strong jaw is a sign of strength and confidence.

Chin Implants: Procedure

During a chin implant, two methods of insertion are possible. Dr. Gray can make an incision in your mouth, so there is no visible scar after the procedure or an incision under the chin is possible if desired.

The normal position of the chin is to be in line with the skin above the upper lip. A recessed or weak chin is interpreted as a sign of weakness. Although this is not true, a more prominent and sculpted jaw line gives the impression of strength and confidence. To improve the appearance of a recessed chin, a chin implant (an invisible, non-allergenic and non-rejective material) is a simple and easy solution. These implants are designed for your specific needs and come in different sizes. The placement of the chin implant can be inserted two ways:

Buccal Approach: 

This scarless method involves inserting the chin implant through a small incision on the inside your mouth to leave no visible scars.

Submental Approach: 

Another option for Dr. Gray’s patients is placing an incision in the skin under the chin.

Chin Implants: Recovery

Dietary and oral hygiene will be restricted depending on the approach of the chin implant. Although you can brush your teeth with a buccal incision, no gum brushing is allowed for a few weeks. This restriction is absent with the below the chin incision. Minimal swelling can occur for both methods and strenuous activity should be avoided for a few weeks.