Upper Lip Lift (Subnasal Lip Lift)

Look As Good As You Feel! Pucker Up


Upper Lip Lift / Shortening of Length: Overview

This type of Lip Lift also known as Shortening of the distance from the nose to the actual lip is for patients who are unhappy with the length or distance from their nose to the actual lip. This procedure has the benefit of hiding the scar directly under the nose while shortening the distance to the actual lip and everting the lip giving the lip a fuller appearance. This procedure can be combined will fillers of the lip to give even a more dramatic result. The ideal length is between 1.2 – 1.5 cm.

Upper Lip Lift: Procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Gray removes excess skin. Incisions are made in natural crease under the nose and within the vestibule (nasal opening) to hide the scar and provide an extended lift when necessary. Other procedures such as facial fillers Alloderm and Botox, fat transfer to cheeks, lip augmentation, CO2 laser, eyelids, and brow can be added to enhance the final results.

Upper Lip Lift: Recovery

The recovery is very easy and has minimal to no discomfort and minor swelling. In fact, patients can return to normal daily activities in as little as a week. Most of the time Sutures that dissolve are used. Rarely would sutures that need to be removed be placed. If so these sutures are remove between 5-7 days post op. Activity is restricted for a few weeks.