Brazilian Butt Lift

Get The Look Brazil Is Famous For!


Brazilian Butt “Lift”: Overview

Get a fuller, more beautiful butt with a Brazilian Butt “Lift” from Dr. Michael W. Gray. This procedure takes fat from one area of your body and places it in the buttocks, resulting in a curvier, sexier buttock. Now women can get a butt worthy of the hottest beaches in Brazil!

Brazilian Butt “Lift”: Procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Gray first extracts fat from your body. The fat is then prepared for the transfer. After the first transfer of fat, the excess fat is cryogenically stored for a period of six months. By storing the fat and using it as needed, you won’t have to have any more procedures to obtain fat; instead you’ll just come in for an injection every six weeks. Typically patients keep about 50% of the fat that’s transferred and can continue to get injections until they’re satisfied with the results, or have used the fat that was stored. If more fat is desired the process is repeated.

Brazilian Butt “Lift”: Recovery

There are no restrictions for this lift procedure. Patients will carefully use a heating pad on the buttocks area at home during the first week to help increase blood flow and oxygen to the area.

*A Brazilian Butt “Lift” is not a true lift.  It is a fat transfer to the buttocks.

Fat Transfer: Overview

Fat can be transferred to any part of the body (except breasts) where a fuller appearance is desired. The same technique can be used for cheeks, lips, nasal folds, depressions caused by genetics, traumatic or surgical occurrences, divots from cellulite, etc. Make an appointment with Dr. Gray to discuss all your options.

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Surgical Buttock Lift: Overview

For those needing or desiring a more invasive procedure, a surgical butt lift is available by Dr. Gray. He will discuss these options with you at your consultation.

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