Breast Implant Removal

Minimally Invasive Removal

removal of breast implants

Breast Implant Removal Overview

Removal of Breast implants is not a common request by patients or well known in the surgical community. When a patient has tired of their breast implants and want them removed they often want this done with minimal recovery. What most patients fear is that after removal of the implant, that they will have a sagging breast that is going to need a lift. This is often not the case. If there’s no skin hanging over the crease then there is no extra skin. This is called being deflated. The volume was removed. The best way to remember this is: if you are not hanging or dangling from your attachments, Then you do not need a lift.

When patients have decided that implants are no longer right for them Dr. Gray can remove the implants through minimally invasive procedures.

Removal of Breast Implants: Procedures

Endoscopic Removal 
A small incision is made in the belly button and the implant is removed endoscopically. ( Saline implants only )

Removal of the Breast implant through a small incision on the chest ( can either with Local anesthesia , Deep sedation , or General anesthesia )