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Tummy Tuck: Overview

If you have loose abdominal skin, excess fat, or protruding abdomen, a tummy tuck can help you achieve a curvier, flatter and sexier mid-section. Two main types of tummy tucks exist: Traditional Tummy Tuck and Hour Glass Tuck. As one of the leading cosmetic surgeons performing tummy tucks, Dr. Michael W. Gray has helped thousands of men and women feel more confident about their appearance by giving them a flatter, tighter and trimmer abdomen.

Tummy Tuck: Procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Gray makes an incision through the skin and fat down to the muscle. He removes the excess skin with the adherent fat below. If needed, stitches can be placed flattening the abdomen like a corset. While liposuction is not recommended on the tummy during a tummy tuck, it can be performed on any other areas of the body at the same time as the tummy tuck or during a mini-tummy tuck if desired. After a surgical tuck, Liposuction if desired on the abdomen can be performed 3 months later. Because different types of tummy tucks exist, Dr. Gray will review all the options with you during your complimentary consultation.

Tummy Tuck: Recovery

If Dr. Gray flattens the abdomen during a tummy tuck with the corset sutures, the recovery process will not be longer, but the time to return to strenuous physical activity is longer. If Dr. Gray only tightens the skin, then patients typically can return to any physical activity at three weeks post-op. Patients can often return to non-strenuous activities within the first week. Pain is minimal to non existent because of the method Dr. Gray invented that can flatten the abdomen without suturing muscles. Also Dr. Gray takes the time to inject long acting anesthetics into the area.

Non-Surgical Options:

When surgical procedures are not desired, these non-surgical methods may be of interest:

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