The Perfect Lipo

Perfect Your Looks With The Perfect Lipo!

The Perfect Lipo: Overview

You’ve always wanted the perfect body. Now, with The Perfect Lipo, you can get closer to perfection than you ever thought possible. This multifaceted approach to the body was created by Dr. Michael W. Gray and allows the ultimate procedure to be performed. It smoothes, tightens and reduces fat through a combination of techniques that are tailored to your specific needs. Simply put, the Perfect Lipo is the perfect procedure to remove excess fat, tighten skin and treat cellulite.

The Perfect Lipo is also great for people looking for an alternative method to tighten skin without the traditional approach that leave scars.

The Perfect Lipo: Procedure

Part 1: Reduce and Weaken
The first thing Dr. Gray does during the Perfect Lipo is to perform External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (Smartlipo MPX is recommended as well). EUAL consists of massaging ultrasonic (high frequency) sound waves over the skin into the fat to weaken the bonds between the fat cells. Smartlipo MPX can be used alone or in conjunction with External Ultrasonic Liposuction to further reduce and weaken the bonds between the fat cells. These fat cells can then be removed through small puncture holes. Once the fat is reduced, part 2 of the procedure can be performed:

Part 2: Smoothing with Smart Lipo
Right after EUAL, Smart Lipo MPX/Cellulaze/Cellulize can be used to further reduce fat and to smooth cellulite in the operating room. Smart Lipo MPX works by using amplified laser light to reduce and smooth fat. The heat generated tightens the skin to improve your appearance.
After Part 1 of the procedure, the remaining weakened fat cells will slowly bind back together (heal) within six weeks. During this time, fat can molded and smoothed using a combination of Venus Legacy or VS in Dr. Gray’s office and Wellbox or Propower at home. Venus Legacy and VS use varying amounts of heat to tighten skin, sound waves to diminish swelling and mechanical components to smooth the fat. These machines have advanced technology to speed recovery with superior results than if left alone. Patients who participate in their recovery obtain better results.
While at home patients can enhance their results using Wellbox or Propower.

Part 3: Tightening with Smart Lipo
After heating the skin with Smart Lipo MPX/Cellulaze/Cellulize, other procedures designed to heat the skin are applied. CO2 Repair or Fraxel and Thermage or Venus Legacy can be added to heat the surface and middle of the skin respectively. Additional heating procedures result in more tightening. When adding CO2 Repair or Fraxel to heat the surface of the skin in combination of Venus Legacy or Thermage to heat the middle layers of the skin and Smart Lipo for the undersurface of skin, the skin tightening non-surgically is ultimately enhanced. Heating all three layers of the skin around the same time is more effective at tightening skin than one layer at a time.

The Perfect Lipo: Recovery

With The Perfect Lipo there are no incisions, no stitches and no restrictions of activity. Patients of Dr. Gray compare the discomfort level to that of a sore muscle or sun burned sensation to the skin.