Mini Tuck

A Tighter Tummy Can Be Yours!


Mini Tummy Tuck: Overview

A mini tummy tuck is a procedure that tightens skin from the belly button down to the pubis. Excess skin and adherent underlying fat is excised. Liposuction (Liporeduction) can be combined with this procedure if fat and excess skin is the problem. However, because mini tummy tucks do not provide access to the “muscles”, no corset type tightening is achieved. The mini tummy tuck works best for the patient who has skin that is loose (extra skin) below the belly button and who is not seeking abdominal wall flattening. The mini tuck can be extended upward and also repair that extra skin just at the belly button. This is called an Extended Mini Tuck with an Umbilicoplasty. This can be done with no additional scars. Since this is a “mini” tuck, again no tightening of the “muscle” occurs.

Mini Tummy Tuck: Recovery

Patients can return to non-strenuous activity within one week. Normal activity can be resumed in three weeks.

Non-Surgical Options:

When surgical procedures are not desired, these non-surgical methods may be of interest: