Lip Reduction

Not Everyone Loves Luscious Lips! Whether small or large the shape and proportion is most important.


Lip Reduction: Overview

At times patients have enlarged lips that they feel are not desirable or cosmetically pleasing. To enhance the look of the lips a reduction in the size of top and/or bottom may be desired. Dr. Gray can help individuals searching for this form of improvement with a lip reduction.

Lip Reduction: Procedure

During a lip reduction a portion of the lip will be removed located along the wet line inside the mouth. The location of the incision in this area produced the most cosmetic result and allows the incision and ultimate scar to be hidden on the wet side of the lip. The sutures dissolve in time. No wide mouth movements (big bites of food where the mouth opens wide) are allowed for three weeks.

Lip Reduction: Recovery

Everyone is different in how fast they recover. I recommend planning at least 2 weeks of avoiding social events. Bruising is possible but not common. Pain is tolerable with pain medicine and Ice.