Removal & Replacement

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Removal & Replacement procedures

Removal & Replacement Overview

A procedure for women wanting larger or smaller breasts, switching from silicone to saline, or saline to silicone and in the rare instance that implants are not desired anymore.

Removal & Replacement Procedure

Removal and replacement of your existing implants can be done by Dr. Gray through any approach desired. Implants can be replaced from the:

  • Navel (Endoscopic) – Scarless
  • Nipple/Areola – Traditional
  • Armpit (Axillary) – Traditional
  • Under the breast (Inframammary) – Traditional

For those patients wanting a scarless approach, Endoscopic removal and replacement is an option whether you have had a traditional approach or the belly button approach in the past (Endobam, Tuba, Transumbilical, Scarless Breast Augmentation). The advantages of the belly button choice is that there will be no restrictions, no new chest scars, and a quicker recovery.

Removal and replacement of implants is not performed due to expiration of the implant. This belief is false. Implants are replaced most often because a patient wants to go larger. This can be performed only when there is enough room to go larger. Dr. Gray will review your limits during your consultation.

Removal & Replacement Recovery

After the procedure, recovery is much simpler and discomfort is next to none. Dr. Gray will explain your recovery during your consultation which varies depending upon the approach desired.