Internal Bra

The Hammock Procedure

Internal Bra Surgery Overview

Skin is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body.
The purpose of skin is to keep living organisms covered. A protective barrier for the human body which keeps water and nutrients within and invading orgasms such as bacteria out.

To achieve this end, skin must adapt to the change in size and form of the body. As eyes need light to see, and ears need sound to hear, the skin completes its function with the forces that Push, Pull, or Tug. These forces cause the cells to multiply divide and provide more skin cells.

Therefore, throughout life, skin will continue to grow as gravity causes a PULL, weight gain cause a Push and eventually the PULL ( as excess skin forms, growth spurts Push, babies Push , larger breasts Push and eventually Pull and Tug.

All these forces eventually over time create excess skin.

There are corrections that exist to remove the extra skin ( lifts and tucks ), however, the key in Cosmetic Surgery is to slow down the inevitable process of aging and PREVENTION.

Dr. Gray, a world renowned cosmetic surgeon (West Bloomfield, Michigan ), has been a pioneer of many surgical techniques ( Hour Glass Tuck, Neck Sling, et al) has been employing the techniques of anti – aging for many years and is known for his expertise in his field.

Using a bio-compatible, bio-degradable material he has been able to take the forces that cause skin growth off the skin of the breasts.

During a standard breast lift ( mastopexy ) patients have the option to have Dr. Gray perform the “Internal Bra” technique. During this procedure this special material is wrapped around the lower pole of the breast and secured to the periosteum facial border of the medial sternum, ribs inferiorly and laterally. This “Hammock” then takes the weight of the breast off the skin and slows down the remaining forces causing skin re-growth ( Pull and Tug )

Speak to Dr. Gray during your consultation to learn whether the Internal Bra is right for you or visit