The Perfect Lipo

 Liposuction or Liporeduction is the most popular procedure performed in the world.  This procedure is often confused with “Tucks” which are designed to remove extra skin.  The two procedures are completely different.  One reduces volume while the other reduces the amount of skin (by excising the excess).  While liporeduction does not cause excess skin, some people want both a reduction in volume and tighter skin but are unwilling to have a “Tuck” performed.  The Perfect Lipo settles this issue.  This ideal procedure to reduces fat, smooths fat and tightens skin.

The perfect lipo is a new procedure that incorporates fat reduction, treatment of cellulite and tightening skin without scars.  Not everyone requires tightening of the skin nor the treatment of cellulite so this combination of procedures is not necessary for everyone. The Perfect Lipo involves using External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction where ultrasonic waves (sound waves) are passed over the skin which causes fat to liquify.  The sound waves do not hurt or effect the skin, muscles, nerves or other structures.  The ultrasonic waves are specific to fat.  Once the fat is liquified it can be release through small puncture holes in the skin.  There are no incisions, no stitches and no restrictions on activity.  External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (EUAL) can be used in all areas of the body safely.   Soreness can range from nothing to a “Charlie horse” feeling.   Smart Lipo (Laser Lipo) can then be used to smooth the fat , reduce fat and the heat that is generated causes a tightening of skin. A combination of Dermosonic and Venus can be used to further enhance results during your recovery. View the Perfect Lipo Photos and read more about Perfect Lipo on our site at


April 17, 2012 Blog