The Beautiful Female Body

Women are really created in all different shapes and sizes, and we embrace them all. There is something truly beautiful about the curvaceous shape of the female form.

World famous artists have been painting portraits of the female nude for centuries because it is so magnificent to look at and admire. At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa, Dr. Michael Gray understands that women want to have the shape that artists want to paint and sculptors want to sculpt. That is why Dr. Gray, a world renowned plastic surgeon has developed the Hour Glass Tuck.


Beautiful Artwork - Nude Female Body


The Hour Glass Tuck is completely different from the current techniques of tummy tucks, known as abdominoplasty. These traditional tucks do not generate the results needed to decrease the protrusion of the abdomen and provide optimal results for patients who seek a flatter and tighter tummy. Dr. Gray’s novel technique solves all of the issues relating to why most patients desire a tummy tuck procedure. The Hour Glass Tuck produces the tightest skin and the flattest abdomen possible while producing the slimmest waistline, which is that hour glass curvaceous look women are going for these days.


Get the most optimal results with Dr. Gray’s HOUR GLASS TUMMY TUCK today and you’ll have the body shape your friends will be envious of and artists will want to paint on canvas. Call 248-538-3333 today to schedule your risk free consultation or visit the website.