Breast Reduction Surgery for Female Athletes in Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center

How Breast Reduction Surgery Helps Athletes and Fitness Buffs

Many think that women who have breast reduction surgery do so for purely cosmetic reasons. Not true! There are many women who choose to get smaller breasts with cosmetic surgery so they can run faster and perform better on the playing field. Some female athletes have experienced significant performance enhancement thanks to their breast reduction plastic surgery, including female soccer players, swimmers, basketball players and marathon runners. For many women, breast reduction surgery helps their body look better proportioned.

For one female tennis player competing in the current Wimbeldon tournament, her smaller breasts have turned her into a better competitor on the tennis court.

Breast Reduction for Female Athletes in Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center

Breast Reduction for Female Athletes in Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center – Dr. Michael Gray

Simona Halep had breast reduction surgery to go from a 34DD to a 34C, and that cosmetic surgery has helped her game a lot. So much so that she is now the number three seed at Wimbledon. Simona says that her reaction time has improved many times over since the procedure. She’s even currently ranked higher than former women’s tennis champion Maria Sharapova. According to a recent article, Simona underwent the breast reduction and breast lift to improve her reaction time and speed. A tennis expert admiring her improvement since the surgery noted: “She is more confident, more mobile and her strokes are less restricted now that those obstacles have been reduced.”

The 22-year-old Romanian had the cosmetic surgery as a 17-year-old, but according to Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan, women at any age can improve their performance in sports and run faster and more unencumbered following such surgery. Dr. Gray, who has been a successful plastic surgeon in Metro Detroit for many years, specializes in cosmetic breast surgery — both reductions and enhancements.

“I’m not surprised that Simona Halep’s breast reduction surgery has had such a positive effect on her tennis career,” Dr. Gray said. “Many women find their athleticism improves after a breast reduction. The bonus for these women is that they become happier and have a more self confidence.”

For women who don’t want the surgical approach due to breast reduction cost and breast reduction scars, Dr. Michael Gray offers nonsurgical breast reduction as well. To discuss the details of the procedure, give us a call at 248-538-3333 to set up a risk free consultation today. Breast reduction before and after photos are available on our website, or in our breast reduction section.