Innovative Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Michael W. Gray and Google Glass

Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa is not just renowned for his exceptional skills as a cosmetic surgeon but is also celebrated for his technological prowess. He is a trailblazer, merging the latest technological advancements with cosmetic surgery to offer unparalleled patient care.

Embracing Technology in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Gray has been a pioneer in integrating technology into patient care. He was among the first cosmetic surgeons to launch a mobile app, giving patients detailed insights into various procedures available. The Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center’s website,, features an innovative Body Selection Tool. This cutting-edge technology allows patients to virtually visualize the outcomes of their chosen procedures, enhancing their decision-making process.

Google Glass: A Step into the Future of Cosmetic Surgery

In 2014, Dr. Gray embarked on a new technological journey as a Google Glass Explorer. He has been utilizing Google Glasses in his practice for over six months, making him the first cosmetic surgeon in Michigan to adopt this technology in the operating room. These sleek, black wearable computer glasses are equipped with a built-in camera and monitor, revolutionizing how surgeries are conducted. With Google Glass, Dr. Gray has his hands free during operations, enabling him to take necessary photos, record videos, or jot down notes that can be instantly transcribed.


Revolutionizing Patient Care with Google Glass

Dr. Gray’s expertise with Google Glass extends to mastering its voice commands, allowing him to operate his computer without diverting his attention from the patient. This feature is particularly beneficial for capturing before-and-after photos and instantly sharing them with the patient’s family via email or text. His role as one of the select “explorers” for Google Glass, a group handpicked by Google, showcases his commitment to leveraging technology for enhancing patient experiences.


Enhanced Surgical Precision and Patient Interaction

Google Glasses have opened new vistas in cosmetic surgery at Dr. Gray’s practice. The ability to superimpose medical images within his field of view during procedures enhances precision and effectiveness. This technological integration ensures that every surgery is not just about aesthetic enhancement but also about precision and safety.

Google Glass in the Operating Room: A Glimpse into the Future

Dr. Gray’s adoption of Google Glass in the operating room is more than just a technological novelty. It represents a significant leap in surgical methodologies, emphasizing safety, precision, and patient engagement. His ability to record and archive procedures using Google Glass offers a valuable educational tool for both patients and the medical community.

A Tech-Savvy Surgeon’s Perspective

“I’m always eager to put the latest tech gadgets in my arsenal of tools in the OR,” Dr. Gray says. “Whether it’s Google Glass or the next great invention, if it can benefit my patients at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center, I’m all for it.” This forward-thinking approach underlines Dr. Gray’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in cosmetic surgery.

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