What Women Do to Look Better

Women have learned to do little things to look better fit and have more voluptuous breast. No, you’re not the first woman to wear certain types of outfits to look skinnier, or to put your hand on your hip in such a way to look curvier in photos, or to put your arms behind your back at the pool to make your boobs look bigger. Most women do this.

Over the course of adulthood, many women have discovered their own favorite tricks to improve their looks. However, none of these tricks last very long. Not to mention, who really wants to strike the same pose in every photo just to give the impression that you’ve dropped those extra maternity pounds or make it look like your bra size is a cup bigger? You might look great in the photo before it posts to Instagram, but you can’t keep doing that same pose all day long, every day to make your boobs look amazing.

Ladies, you don’t need to cross your arms to lift your breasts anymore. You also don’t have to tighten your shoulder straps. With a breast lift procedure by world renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa, you won’t have to try to fool anyone ever again. Yes, you can let our that huge sigh of relief (and also stop sticking out your chest for your Facebook profile pic!). Dr. Gray can reduce your skin, maintain the volume of your breast AND you can go back after a very short recovery time (return to work the very next day).


Dr. Gray’s Breast Lift is the best solution to droopy, saggy, asymmetrical or unshapely breasts. The appearance of your breasts will improve drastically, making you feel younger and look sexier. To schedule your risk free consultation with Dr. Gray and to see if the amazing Breast Lift is right for you, call 248-538-3333 or visit the Breast Lift procedure page on the ANewYou.com website with Before and After photos at http://www.anewyou.com/breast-procedures/breast-lift.

August 29, 2014 Blog