Just Be Human and Do Good

As a world renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center has found that many people think that cosmetic surgeons favor the tangible (physical) aspects of humanity over the intangible characteristics. That is simply not the case. Dr. Gray has practiced as a cosmetic surgeon for many years to help humans feel better about themselves on an emotional level. For many individuals — both men and women — just feeling better about their outward appearance makes them have a more positive demeanor. Oftentimes this more positive demeanor leads to Dr. Gray’s patients practicing more acts of goodness — doing justice.


Dr. Gray articulates this belief with his mantra: “Just be human and do good.” What does he mean by this? Dr. Gray believes very passionately that it’s not about pure physical beauty, or any specific religious truth, or the amount of money in your bank account. Living a good life is about simply being a good (ethical, kind and caring) person and seeking to act in a selfless, human way.

We humans tend to take ourselves too seriously at times. We take pride in publicly showing off how much we give to charity, while the real measure of our own goodness is in helping others in a quiet way without public acknowledgement. It’s a simple mantra, but one that carries a lot of weight. Humanity needs to find ways to love the other, be kind and just, and always strive to achieve goodness. The Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa is an impressive facility that helps people feel relaxed and rejuvenates both the physical and spiritual senses. Contact Dr. Michael Gray today at 248-538-3333 or fill out the easy-to-use contact form on the website at www.anewyou.com.