Introducing Halo: The Celebrity Secret to Great Healthy Skin with No Down Time

Skin Deep Spa and Dr. Michael Gray are pleased to offer the new Halo Laser and BBL Forever Young Facials. What is Halo? Halo is the newest hybrid fractional laser that releases your inner glow. “This is considered ‘non-ablative,’ which means that the top layer of skin is left alone,” explained Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center. “For this reason, there is no pain with Halo even though it goes deep to correct wrinkles in the skin and any swelling under the eyes.”

We are highly recommending Halo to our clients at Skin Deep Spa as a post-summer treatment with no down time. Halo targets sun damage and reverses the effects that the sun has on the skin. After a summer of being outside in the sun – whether sitting by the pool, catching some rays at the beach or just hanging out and getting some Vitamin D – your skin becomes damaged from the sun (even if it feels good).


Now you can get the healthy skin results you’ve seen the celebs get and without the downtime you might expect. Halo was created by Sciton, an authority in aesthetic lasers, and Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa is one of the first facilities in the country to offer this revolutionary treatment. The Halo Fractional Laser treats fine lines and wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation from sun damage, uneven skin tone and age spots, and acne or Chickenpox scars.

Since Halo is a non-ablative laser treatment, it is far less invasive with no downtime. By heating up the outer layers of skin but not removing them, a non-ablative laser treatment is popular for patients who need to return to their everyday lives right after treatment.

Halo is the hottest new celebrity secret and now it’s available to you too. Call the Skin Deep Spa today at 248-539-3223 to reserve your space.