Kim Kardashian: Hour Glass Tuck, Not Waist Training

Are waist trainers really effective?

If there’s one thing that Dr. Michael Gray wants for Christmas, it’s that women stop thinking that waist trainers are going to get them the perfect figure. “American women have a tendency to do what they hear celebrities are doing,” Dr. Gray explains. “If Kim Kardashian says she’s obsessed with waist training, then that’s what women will do.”

In a recent photo on her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian showed herself in a corset with the caption, “I’m really obsessed with waist training!” Her sister, Khloe, shared a profile photo of herself earlier this year, saying she, too, was “obsessed” as did their friend, model Blac Chyna.

The problem is that whether it’s a Victorian corset or a modern day “waist trainer,” women will just not get an authentic hourglass figure this way. This retro version of Spanx might lead you to believe you’re getting a slimmer midsection, but the best way to get that slim, hourglass look is through cosmetic surgery. These quick fixes are just a way for companies that sell these waist trainers to make money and for women to waste their money.

kim kardashian corsetDr. Gray’s Hourglass Tummy Tuck

In truth, the body that women think they’ll get after cinching their body with a waist trainer will never happen. “These waist trainers will just make you uncomfortable,” Dr. Gray says, “I want to help women get the figure they want. If you shape your body from childhood and control how your bones form, then maybe you can shape your ribs and pelvis. But not afterward. That’s the reason I created the Hour Glass Tuck™, which is a procedure that produces the tightest skin and the flattest abdomen possible while producing the slimmest waistline (hourglass).”

To learn more about the Hour Glass Tuck by Dr. Gray, visit the website at or call 248-538-3333 for a risk free consultation at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa.

December 19, 2014 Blog