What are Medical Grade Skin Care Products?

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Taking care of your skin is the same as taking care of your body when it’s sick. To obtain medicine for your body to fix your body, you must go to a physician! The skin is the largest organ of the body. As part of your body it will respond to medicine which can only be dispensed by a physician.

The FDA has mandated that ONLY physicians can dispense specific concentrations of Chemicals (medicine) that can actually work on the skin and body. Pharmacies are licensed entities responsible for dispensing the quantity and dosages that physicians prescribe.

Medical grade skin care products can only be obtained through physicians. As such, you cannot obtain antibiotics nor skin care products that contain adequate amounts of medicine for your body ( skin ) from Lancome, Clinique, Dior, Revlon or Max Factor to name a few.

Therefore, to obtain anything for your skin that actually will treat your skin for wrinkles, pigment, fine lines, texture or for anti-aging you will have to obtain these products directly from a physician. Through the Internet you can obtain medical grade physician (prescription) strength Skin Care products directly from Dr. Michael W. Gray.

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Dr. Gray’s Beauty Boost and Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR are two new skin care products that helps regenerate youth, restore skin to it natural beauty and help repair the damage to skin that the risks of living life poses.  TheraSCAR was designed to fix the acute and acute/chronic injuries to the skin.


Welcome to ANEWYOU.com and discover the fountain of youth, Dr. Gray’s direct on-line source for skin care. World renowned cosmetic surgeon and anti-aging specialist Dr. Michael W. Gray has specially formulated and developed a skin care line of products using the most advanced medical and restorative ingredients from around the world. Put your best face forward everyday by using products that actually work! Because simple beauty is only Skin Deep.