Martin Short’s tribute to David Letterman

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Martin Short’s tribute to David Letterman during his final show was a satirical comment on the reality of aging and the body’s need of restoration. The age of “Oldem” is fast approaching us all and the body needs maintenance as does any aging structure.

According to Dr. Michael W. Gray a leader in Cosmetic Surgery (West Bloomfield, Michigan ) people  need to realize that there is a difference between restoration, rejuvenation and distortion. He states “what most people see in the media as unusual cosmetic procedures are not the norm but rather the terrible.”  He states, “When Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is done properly people will look normal and restored to a more youthful state.  Not distorted!”

Whether it’s resurfacing your skin with Lasers or chemical peels or painting your home, your skin will age and wrinkle and slowly deteriorate over time.

Your body will need maintenance and cosmetic surgery has never been easier.  With all the technology that is available, Dr. Gray at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center has many surgical and non-surgical methods of restoring youth.

Go to and use the body selection tool if your not sure what procedure may be right for you. Remember A NEW YOU is only a click away!


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