Customizing Cosmetic Surgery – The new standard

“Cosmetic Surgery is like Louboutin making their 8 inch stiletto heel for Ballerina’s should be customized and tailored to the individual needs of the patients” says, Dr. Michael W. Gray a world renowned cosmetic surgeon (West Bloomfield, Michigan).black ballet "Lynch"Dr. Gray suggests when picking a cosmetic surgeon it is important to make sure the surgeon you pick is giving you all your options and not just what the surgeon knows how to do. When entering the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa it is apparent that this facility is the mecca of Cosmetic procedures offering a plethora of both Non-surgical and Surgical options to satisfy your needs. The facility is a 10,000 square foot building incorporating a state of the art surgical center built to the specifications of the AAAAHC.

Going to and researching all the procedures offered convinces anyone that you will need to look no farther. The before and after pictures in the gallery of photos demonstrates some of the remarkable work Dr, Gray has been offering.

To learn more about what procedures are right for you, just call 248-538-3333. Be happy knowing that “A New You”  is just a moment away.