It’s All in the Hands

raised hands

Rejuvenation of the hands is a highly overlooked procedure when considering aging.  The hands, like the face and eyes are most visible to others and is a telltale sign you are aging.  The appearance of the hands is such a common sign of aging, but often is overlooked by so many people who wish to maintain their skin. With rejuvenating treatments such as  Botox, Broad Band Light, Intense Pulse Light, Laser resurfacing, and fillers (Fat transfers, Radiesse, Bellafill/Artefill, Restylane and Juvederm, etc.)

Typical signs of the aging hand include: wrinkles, volume loss, age (sun) spots, and thinning of the skin.  A combination of the same procedures used to treat the aging face can be used when treating the aging hands.

Photo rejuvenation (BBL, IPL) is a great technique to treat those unsightly brown spots. C02 Repair, Fraxel, and Halo are great procedures for treating wrinkles and other forms of sun-damaged skin by re-surfacing your skin.  Volume loss can be restored with fillers such as: Fat, Radiesse, Bellafill/Artefill, etc.  A myriad of procedures exist to help you look your best.

As we age, our hands, eyes, and face become the most noticeable features of our body which exposes to everyone that you are entering the world of Oldem.  A simple combination of procedures with minimal to no recovery goes a long way in restoring youth.

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