Broadband Light (BBL)-Skin Photo Rejuvenation

Do you have pigmentation problems that you have to hide with makeup? Are you constantly ashamed of the high visibility of skin discolorations on your hands or face? Would you like to have these problems reduced? If so, then broadband light (BBL) treatment may be for you.


BBL is a variation of the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) cosmetic treatment. IPL addresses some of the weaknesses of laser treatments to give better results in treating some forms of cosmetic skin issues. For example, because the light emitted by lasers is both very intense and monochromatic, it can be a deeply penetrating treatment that has weakness in treating certain skin discolorations, namely those that are red in color. IPL offers a less invasive and more effective treatment for some skin coloration issues by using light of a wider spectrum. BBL takes the IPL concept one step further by using an intentionally broad spectrum to attempt to attack discolorations of all colors.

BBL procedure reduces pigmented lesions through a process known as selective photothermolysis. Because dark areas in the skin absorb light more intensely than lighter areas, the dark areas heat with the absorption of light faster than light areas. This leads to the destruction of the pigment-carrying cells. Through this form of selection, i.e. survival of the lightest, the dark regions of the skin are destroyed while the light ones are relatively unaffected. This allows the treatment of:
• Freckles
• Age spots
• Brown spots, birth marks
• Rosacea
• Port wine stains
• Hyperpigmentation
• Poikiloderma
• Spider veins
• Broken capillaries
• Facial veins
• Telanglectasia
• Melasma
BBL can be used in combination with FADEOUT night cream   (pigment stabilizer and lightener) and TheraSCAR topical ointment  (a very strong hydrator of skin which dilutes pigment in the cells ) can help improve even the most stubborn pigmented areas.

Patients do not feel any discomfort from BBL photo rejuvenation.


In addition to the removal of dark skin lesions, some people experience skin tightening as a consequence of BBL treatments. The heating of the skin during BBL produces shortened distances between the cells. This contraction or shrink-wrap effect occurs without causing damage to surrounding tissues.

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