If you wish to be skinny you may think it’s liposuction. But that’s not always the case. For many years I thought that when women asked for liposuction they were asking me to reduce the fat. However, I came to realize they where asking to be “SKINNY”. Then I realized that they had to know which procedure would make them “SKINNY” ! Therefore, I had to make my patients aware of The Hourglass Tummy Tuck.

In discussing these different and beneficial procedures, I also realized that not everyone will pick the “best” procedure. People choose what they want to DO! The decision making process involves more than just what will produce the best result. It comes down to what patients are willing to do.

The Hourglass Tuck is
A procedure that I developed over the last 22 years. This procedure evolved over time as all technology and knowledge does. The Hourglass Tummy Tuck is based on anatomical and surgical principles which provides optimal results when fixing what gravity, aging, pregnancy, and time has done to our bodies.

The Hourglass Tuck is a procedure to make people “skinny” not just to remove excess skin. Women are choosing the Hourglass Tuck even when they have no excess skin!! Why? Because it makes them “Skinny”!

The abdomen has three separate issues ( skin, fat, and abdominal protuberance ). The fat AND the Abdominal protuberance determines how “SKINNY” you appear. Most often it’s the Abdominal protuberance that creates the issue and not the fat. Making skin tighter is always a plus. Three choices exist on the tummy. Do you decrease the fat or flatten the Abdominal protuberance while tightening skin? The Hourglass Tuck tightens skin and flattens abdominal wall while liposuction reduces what we can pinch, the fat.

If you are wondering or curious about how skinny the Hourglass Tuck can make you? Then all you need to do is “Suck” your tummy in as hard as you can – and imagine having tighter skin and a better waist line as well!!!

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