Liposuction: The Process of Reducing Fat to be “Skinny”

The purpose of a Fat Cell is to store Fat. To do this the cells enlarge. 95% of all humans have fat cells that do their job (to store fat) better than other fat cells. These areas are the first to store fat when you eat and the LAST to give up when you diet and exercise. These areas of the body are eventually labeled “Problem Areas”. Once a part of the body has been labeled a “problem” the location of Fat Cells that are resistant to diet and exercise has been identified. Areas of the body are never called a ” problem ” if the cells reduce in size with diet and exercise.

The treatment of these “Problem” areas is to get rid of the fat cells. Once these fat cells are eliminated then the problem is solved. Everyone has a limited number of fat cells. When fat gets stored, these cells get larger and can make areas of your body look flabby and distorted. The borders are these compartments only become noticeable once fat starts to volumize in that compartment. Dr. Michael W. Gray can reduce these areas with Liporeduction and restore a more pleasing shape to your body with the most technologically advanced procedures available: External Ultrasonic Liposuction, Smart Lipo MPX and The Perfect Lipo. Diet and exercise does not allow the spot reduction of areas of the body called the “Problem”. When dieting and exercising, the first area of fat to be reduced in women is in the face and breasts. In men, the first area to be reduced is in the face. This often leaves the face looking old, drawn and gaunt and the breasts looking deflated.

Liporeduction allows for only the spots that are bothersome to be reduced with no effect on other areas of the body. Remember when you diet or exercise fat cells are not eliminated, they are smaller but ever present to enlarge once you eat again. Dr. Gray often takes these fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise (when requested by patients) and Transfers the fat to areas desired; i.e. Brazilian Butt Lift, cheeks, indentations from cellulite or prior trauma and/or previous surgery. Call Dr. Gray to see what he can do for you. 248-538-3333 or visit for your complimentary consultation. Remember your Beach Body Makeover is only a “click” away. To see before and after photos