Types of Breast Deformities and How We Can Fix Them

The Bottoming out breast deformity is a rare but not uncommon phenomenon in Breast Augmentation surgery in recent years. Due to the more affordable nature of Cosmetic – Plastic surgery and increasing acceptance of these procedures in society, more and more women are seeking out procedures to improve their Breasts. Unfortunately, in every profession there are individuals of different abilities and knowledge and these deformities arise.

Type II Deformity on the left.

Type II Deformity on the left.

To understand these deformities it is essential to understand the body which most individuals do not. This lack of knowledge also extends into the medical profession where “book smart”

http://www.anewyou.com/are-you-smart-street-smart-or-are-you-book-smart/ has become the norm. Skin, the largest organ of the body, is assigned the task to keep the body covered. This covering protects the body in many ways. The skin keeps the “in” IN and the “out” OUT! What does the skin keep IN? WATER. Water composes approximately 65% of the body. Without this skin barrier water would evaporate and the human would die. All Humans would cease to exist on earth. What does the skin keep OUT? Organisms that could cause the human harm. All living creatures must eat to survive. There are creatures that are microscopic and these living organisms have to eat to survive. Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Parasites infest the atmosphere and are invisible to the human eye.


If a break in the skin occurs, these organisms can “eat” you! An infection is when the human being is being EATEN whereas, a contamination is when the organisms are only sitting there. Therefore, if the purpose of skin is to keep humans covered, HOW would your skin know that a human is changing size and shape? Eyes need light to see, while the ears need sound to hear. What does the skin need? Anything that Pushes, Pulls, or Tugs at the skin, causes the skin to multiply, divide, and provide more skin. Example of these forces are, Gravity over time, weight gain, pregnancy, tissue expanders, growth spurts, and Breast Implants. Any one, or any combination of these forces will cause skin to GROW.

Many causes exist for “Bottoming out deformity”. The cause and effect of any occurrence may be at times be a compilation of many factors versus just one. Irregardless of the exact cause of the problem, these problems exist and the “FIX” is not well known amongst surgeons. Dr. Gray, a world renowned Cosmetic Surgeon (West Bloomfield, MI), explains that Not all issues that arise in the universe are the direct result of surgical error. Medicine, Dr. Gray explains is a compilation of statistics and likelihoods of occurrences of the outcomes. All humans are not created equally. What many people fail to understand is that many things are spelt the same but that does not mean they are the SAME. The similarity often only extends in the name and everything is composed differently. With this in mind, Humans are spelt the same, but humans are all not the same. Humans are similar, but all have many differences. Human differences go beyond just the color of the hair and eyes and do extend to the molecular and physiological levels of the body. These differences extend to the bonds that hold our cells together. However, as a species, Evolution and the survivability of all species requires adaptability. All living creatures are designed to adapt to internal and external forces. This ability to adapt will ensure the survivability of Gods creatures. Therefore as adaptability relates to skin, Skin must adapt (or GROW) to cover.

The Mound on a Mound breast deformity occurs for many reasons as the body will adapt to the weight of the mass (implant) that is added to the breast. The causes of the Mound on a Mound deformity can be a result of : Inability of the body to support the added weight of an Implant, Surgically weakening the support of the body causing subsequent adaptation of the body, or a combination of reasons. There are two types of “Mound on a Mound” or “Bottoming out deformities”. Type I – Lower Pole skin grows to accommodate for the weight of the implant upon the skin. Due to standing and gravity the lower pole skin experiences more Pull and Tug forces. The added vector forces causes the skin of the lower pole to grow leading to much more skin on the bottom of the breast. The observation is seen when the nipple starts to rise and the skin grows make the distance from nipple to infra-mammary crease enlarged. Type II – Two types of Type II deformities exist ( a and b ). Type II a: Mound on Mound deformity the supporting attachment of the breast (skin) and muscle merge at the infra-mammary crease. That infra-mammary crease is the location of the body’s frame (bone) where the body is supported and compartmentalized. When a surgeon releases these attachments it results in a breast implant larger than the borders of the breast and/or in a lower position than the mound of the breast. The larger the mound the more visible this mound on a mound deformity will be. In Type IIa deformities the body upon healing is able to re-support the implant in the new position. In the Type II a breast deformity the implant does NOT descend with gravity and bottoming out does NOT occur. Type II b: Mound on a mound deformity the breast implant slides down the abdominal wall without the breast creating the appearance of the true breast mound sitting on top of the mound due to the implant in a staggered fashion on the bottom. The difference with Type II B is that the breast implant will continue to descend down the abdominal wall due to the body’s inability to re-support the implant in its new position.

Type I deformity is NOT necessarily the fault of a surgeon. Other factors play a role. Type II bottoming out deformity IS the direct result of a surgeon

Type I Deformity

Type II Deformity

A double bubble breast deformity (Type II a and b “Mound on a Mound”deformity) is the direct result of a surgeon placing an implant that is larger than the diameter of a Breast producing a double bubble or a mound on a mound appearance. Dr. Michael W. Gray, a world renowned Cosmetic surgeon (West Bloomfield, MI) explains that not many surgeons know how to fix these problems, but many surgeons sure know how to create them. Dr. Gray explains “that patients often do not know their surgeon does not know how to fix “Botched” breast augmentations until the repair fails and it “ breaks “ again”. This is why Dr. Gray has been sought for his expertise in repairing these problems and many more. At the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center Dr. Gray’s Center for Corrective Surgery has been repairing and restoring the happiness for patients from around the world. His proprietary techniques have brought back the smiles to many patients. Below are just some examples of the Corrective Surgeries he has performed. Whether your scar is too high from a Tummy tuck, “dog ears”, protuberant abdominal wall, or if your experiencing problems from other Cosmetic – Plastic Surgery Dr. Michael W. Gray is well versed at correcting many deformities and errors created by other surgeons and those created inadvertently by the patient.

Some of these problems are listed below to help you identify may be what it is that you are seeing. Call 248-538-3333 or visit www.ANEWYOU.com

Corrective Breast Surgery

“Bottoming Out”

Capsular Contracture

Large Pockets

Communicating Pockets – Lifting of the sternal skin

Deflations and Ruptures

Rippling, Wrinkling


Unsatisfactory Appearance

Corrective Tummy Tuck Surgery

High Scars

“Dog Ears”

Protuberant (Flaccid) abdominal wall


Continued Loose Skin

Loose Mons Pubis