Do you need your Tummy Tuck Revised?

Dr.  Michael W.  Gray, a world renowned cosmetic surgeon ( West Bloomfield, Michigan) also specializes in revisions of Cosmetic Surgery gone wrong. When patients are unhappy with tummy tucks and other surgeries it’s hard to find the person who actually KNOWS How to fix your problem. When your told by many doctors there is nothing that can be done, do not stop there.  Call Dr. Gray. By using special techniques, Dr. Gray has been able to improve the results other surgeons could not. With his proprietary surgical techniques you can drop those high scars and wear your clothes like they were meant to be worn. To inquire on how Dr. Michael W. Gray can help you or someone you know that is suffering from: protruding abdomen, high scar placement, “Dog” ear deformity, Dr. Gray is only a ring away! Call 248-538-3333 or visit