Scars: A Reminder

Fibrin Glue is the chemical which is produced by all humans to “Glue” the body back together after any injury.  Through a cascade of events, the body goes through a process of healing, which is essentially gluing the body back together again.   Every human being produces the same chemicals.  The difference, between human beings  is not the chemical we produce,  but rather,  HOW MUCH of the chemical we are producing AND the ABILITY of each body to heal well.

Patients often only remember surgery or trauma by the scar that is left behind. Although Dr. Gray is an expert at making skin look the best when injured, a scar when formed is a permanent mark on the skin and a constant reminder of the associated physical and emotional trauma. Dr. Gray realized early on that the key to successful healing is to influence how the scar will heal from the beginning.

In trying to obtain a product that his patients can use, Dr. Gray noticed a common feature among the scar products on the market…”THEY DID NOT WORK”

Frustrated over the lack of a single product on the market for his patients that actually helped scars, Dr. Gray conducted research to develop a product that would contain the essential ingredients needed for skin rejuvenation. The goal was to assist the body to do what it was actually designed to do…HEAL!

After many years of evaluating the efficacy and aesthetics of the product, Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR was developed with the proper efficacy, cohesiveness, color, and texture.

What is Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR?

TheraSCAR is a non-surgical treatment of scars created to aid the body in the development of the most optimal environment for skin healing. Dr. Gray believes that it was better to have a product that could help skin heal in the beginning rather than trying to undo a scar after it has healed. Thus he develop the product that could be applied safely to the skin at the inception of an injury while mitigating the forces that would cause poor skin healing. TheraSCAR when applied to skin produces effective and consistent healing among a variety of skin types.

“Safe for kids, gentle enough for daily use. Can be used anywhere on face or body.”

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