Under the Muscle? What does that MEAN?

Under the Muscle?  What does that MEAN?  

“In the attempt to communicate we will always miscommunication” says Dr. Gray, a world renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  Dr. Gray explains that a breast implant is never completely under the muscle for cosmetic enhancement of the breasts.  The expression “Under the muscle” actually means the implant is only partly “under” the muscle. The implant is a circular bag which contains either saline or silicone.  Because the bag can expand and contract it is actually a circular or round balloon.  Because the muscle is anatomically shaped like a triangle, a circle placed under a triangle will only partly cover the circle. The breast implant (a circular balloon) is under the muscle but only partly so.

The term dual plane is synonymous with under the muscle. The breast implant is actually partly under the muscle and partly under the breast tissue!  Thus, this is Dual Plane or simple Under the muscle.

The actual amount of covering the muscle provides is typically 10-15% due to the necessity of releasing the muscular attachments of the muscle to do the surgery properly.

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October 17, 2017 Blog