The Breast Implant is Falling to The Side

If you suffer from Lateral deformity, lateral Displacement, too large of a lateral picket It may worsen.  Dr. Gray (a world renowned Cosmetic Surgeon, West Bloomfield, Michigan) can help. According to Dr. Gray, There are a few causes for an open pocket to the side.

  1. The side (lateral aspect) of the breast is the weakest part of the support of the breast. One reason if this poor support is due to a person’s body being worse in the support when compared to that of another body. We are all  “human” but we are all different.  Each side of the body differs as well!  We all must remember that all “Things” are spelt the same but all is NOT the same (ie, doctors, cheesecakes. Etc.).
  2. The Pectoralis Muscle must be released from its lower attachments to make room for an implant when placing an implant under the muscle. If this was not adequately weakened when an implant is under the muscle, the force of the muscle may cause a blow out of the support on the side of the breast. The strength of the Pectoralis  muscle in this case may be  strong enough (if you are under) to force the implant to the side wall upon flexion if the Pectoralis muscle  causing the implant to push the space open over time (heavy lifting etc).
  3. Over dissection of the space by the surgeon weakens the support.

This is a form of “ bottoming out “. Typically in these “Bottoming out” deformities pain occurs but not always. Of course the bottom is when lying down not standing. Gravity moves the implant to the side as women have rounded ribs while men in contrast their ribs are flatter.

Dr. Gray has been helping other Doctors and patients with these issues for over 20 years. Whether it is a bad facelift, breast or tummy or arm tuck you can count on Dr. Gray to help you overcome  “Botched” jobs.

This can be fixed!

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