All You Need to Know about Tummy Tuck Cost in 2023

The Hourglass tummy tuck developed and exclusively offered by Dr. Michael W. Gray (West Bloomfield, Michigan) helps patients feel much more confident in their appearance than a Traditional Tummy Tuck that is being performed.  Making the trip to Michigan is well worth the experience as Dr. Gray performs his magic in a “state of the art” Out-Patient surgical facility. Also known as an abdominoplasty, it is important to understand that all Tummy tucks are not the same.  Comparing a Traditional Tuck to the Hourglass Tuck is similar to comparing a Yugo to a Rolls Royce. The Hourglass being the Rolls Royce of Tummy Tucks but without the cost. Since this procedure is most commonly performed electively insurance will not cover the costs of the procedure.  As a result, Dr. Gray does not charge a facility fee, so his fees are more reasonable that other surgeons. However, even if you are on a budget, there are a few ways to make the treatment affordable. Keep reading to learn all that you need to know about the financial side of obtaining an Hourglass tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Expenses You Can Expect

Nationally, This procedure can range in cost up to $12,000.  However, if you make a trip to Dr. Gray in Michigan, you can have the procedure for under $5000 or less.  

The costs includes all except your garment and anesthesia.  Your insurance will cover the cost of any medication you need.   

Understanding Tummy Tuck Costs in Michigan

When considering cosmetic procedures, many individuals often find themselves wondering about the overall expenses associated with the surgery. Specifically, questions like “how much is a tummy tuck in Michigan?” or “what’s the average tummy tuck cost Michigan residents can expect?” are prevalent.

In Michigan, the cost of a tummy tuck can vary based on the following:

  • Surgeon’s experience
  • Facility’s amenities
  • Specific procedure chosen

However, with options such as the Hourglass tummy tuck, patients are often delighted to find a superior procedure that doesn’t necessarily carry a premium price.

Dr. Gray’s Hourglass tummy tuck, in particular, has garnered attention not just for its exceptional results but also for its cost-effectiveness.

Prospective patients who are exploring the “Hourglass tummy tuck cost” will find that Dr. Gray offers competitive rates, especially when benchmarked against the quality and uniqueness of the procedure.

His commitment to patient satisfaction extends beyond the operating room, ensuring that individuals receive a top-notch experience without breaking the bank.

Variations in Tummy Tuck Procedures

Of course not all patients require a Traditional Tummy Tuck or an Hourglass tuck and may opt for a mini-tuck which has a lower cost but only tightens skin from the belly button down and does not flatten the tummy like the Hourglass Tuck.  With the mini-tuck liposuction can be combined if desired.

Hourglass tuck

What is best for you can be obtained with a complete consultation with Dr. Gray whether on-line or in person.  Once you have had a consult, Dr. Gray can turn your dreams into reality.

Insurance Coverage Options

Many insurance companies will not cover tummy tucks because they are considered cosmetic. Partial coverage may be possible if a hernia is being repaired at the same time.

You may be unsure if financial assistance from your insurance company is possible. Call them ahead of time to know how much you will be expected to pay out of pocket. Most insurance plans have the procedure as an option but often disqualify patients for coverage after the procedure has been performed.  Financing options are available if you visit and search “Financing” or call Dr. Gray’s staff at 248-538-3333

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Your choice of a Cosmetic plastic surgeon can completely make or break the entire tummy tuck experience for you. So you must be sure that you are thorough in your decision-making process. At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are committed to helping you discover a new you with fair costs.  

We are fully committed to our clients, and we want everyone who utilizes our services to look and feel their best. As one of the leaders in mitigating tummy tuck cost in Michigan, we are ready to serve you. We have several different financing plans and payment options to make our procedures affordable. We accept all major credit cards and offer financing through MLEND, Care Credit and others.

If you have any further questions about tummy tuck financing or the process in general, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Michael W. Gray. We  offer a free consultation to help you determine which tummy tuck or cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is right for your body and budget.

March 22, 2019 Blog