5 Reasons Tummy Tuck or an Hourglass Tummy Tuck Can Change Your Life

Undergoing a procedure like a tummy tuck in Michigan is more common than many assume! Dieting and exercise are great for your health. But sometimes even the best diet and workout plan can’t quite get you the healthy tummy you want. Even dieting and exercising may not make you skinny.  The Hourglass Tummy Tuck is another option for men and women who are seeking more than just what a traditional Tummy Tuck has to offer.

A tummy tuck can improve your confidence. It can give you health benefits you never even dreamed of! But The Hourglass Tuck does more than this, it actually makes you skinny without the excessive pain and discomfort of a Traditional Tummy Tuck.

1. Your Look, Your Body, Your Rules

The way you look doesn’t just impact others, it impacts yourself. Regardless of what anyone else thinks about your body, it is important for you to feel comfortable in it! Many who choose to undergo a tummy tuck operation cite an increase in self-confidence after. It’s a major reason why people seek tummy tucks.  But It is not always excess skin that drives men and women to seek out the surgical skills of Dr. Gray. Many want to be flatter and skinnier and Liposuction or even diet and exercise do not provide the results that an Hourglass tummy tuck can achieve. Having a protuberant bloated appearance of the abdomen is not treated by Traditional Tummy tucks and liposuction often will not be your answer.  The Hourglass Tuck cinches your waistline in and makes your tummy flat. This flatness can be better than you can achieve by sucking your tummy in yourself but without the effort.

Say goodbye to stressing at pool parties and worrying about the way your body looks for a night out. You become free to enjoy those moments fully. Living in the moment and feeling a sense of confidence in your body is one of the many reasons a tummy tuck can lift your spirits, and your life.

Self-confidence isn’t just about looking how others want you to look. It comes from looking the way you want to look, for yourself. The comfort in your body that comes with a traditional tummy tuck or Dr. Gray’s Hourglass tuck surgery is priceless. It can last a lifetime.

2. Shopping Made Easy

Many young men and women have difficulty finding the clothes that fit their bodies correctly. In whatever store you visit, there will be a limited or even absent “Plus Size” section, and overall less options for varying body sizes. After your Hourglass tummy tuck, a world of possibilities opens up to you.

Taking a little extra inches off your stomach can help you to find more variety in the types of clothing you are able to buy! It makes shopping faster and easier, and most importantly, more enjoyable!

Your clothes are an extension of your personality, your professionalism, and your ideals. Let your style truly pop when your tummy tuck allows you to truly, for the first time, just explore!

3. Walk Confidently with Better Posture

Confidence isn’t just about how you feel about your body. It’s also about how you move in it. Posture has long been lauded as a factor that highly influences how others view you. Whether you are looking to rise up in your company, ace that interview, or impress your significant other’s parents, perfect posture counts.

With the Hourglass tummy tuck surgery, many say that their posture drastically improves after the operation. Your stomach area, or core, is what ultimately helps you to align your spine, and therefore your entire body. With the tightening of this core area as a result of the tummy tuck, your posture will naturally improve without even having to change a thing!  The Hourglass tuck tightens your core and your waist more than any other procedure available.

4. Increased Mobility

By far one of the most exciting elements that comes from the Hourglass tummy tuck is the increased ability to move. With the removal of excess fat, skin and the tightening of the core area, you are instantly in a body that can move, stretch, and work harder than ever before. While there are restrictions in your activity you are not bedridden from the operation, soon you will be surprising yourself with the things your body can do!

Exercising, yoga, dancing, or other physical activities may have at one point seemed stressful and difficult. Now these activities are exciting and possible! Your new body gives you a fresh start and a chance to see what you are really capable of!

5. Jumpstart to a Healthier Lifestyle

It can be hard to start eating healthier and exercising, especially if you feel like your body is holding you back. It can take weeks, and even months to begin seeing results, which can also be disheartening.

This is why a tummy tuck is a great way for people to jump start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle! With the immediate change in their body, many individuals feel the excitement and energy to keep their shape and even improve upon it. Rather than feeling hopeless, you will now be full of excitement and anticipation for your bright future!

Looking For the Self-Confidence You’ve Always Dreamed Of?

Reach out to Dr. Michael W. Gray  at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa. He can offer you a free consultation to help you learn whether an Hourglass tuck or a Traditional tummy tuck is the right way to boost your confidence goals. Contact us today at 248-538-3333 or visit ANEWYOU.com!

March 27, 2019 Blog