Recovering from Breast Augmentation: A 2019 Guide

Getting a breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, and making sure you recover from it fully is essential. A new and improved part of your body is something you want to keep, not have further complications with. After going through everything you have to in order to get this surgery, you want to take care of yourself to the best of your abilities.

While following the standard protocol after getting surgery can be easy, there are some things people often forget. In 2019, medicine is more advanced than ever, including aftercare procedures. If you want some extra tips, this article is for you. As a very large practice that performs breast augmentation in Detroit, Dr. Michael W.Gray, D.O., FACOS, BS  has some advice for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Follow Aftercare Provided by Doctor

Your doctor or nurse should have given you some sort of Pre-surgical and aftercare instructions. This information will need to be provided to you before the procedure to give you ample time to prepare.  Many patients make the mistake in not reading this information prior to the procedure wrongly thinking this information is not needed until after the procedure. The information provided and if followed can prevent complications afterward.  Make sure you follow these instructions carefully. Presurgical care is as important as aftercare. Garments are not recommended that constrict the Breast unless this was specifically determined by Dr. Gray. You might think compression is important however non compression is  key to minimizing the risk of Capsular Contracture.

Take Medications and Eat

After a surgery you might feel tired as your reserved energy will be directed at the healing process.  Good nutrition and a healthy diet are important. Take your prescribed medications. Although Pain medicine is provided to keep you comfy, Ice is your best friend.  Ice will decrease swelling and numb those tender spots. Antibiotics will help your body fight off any potential infections that could complicate your healing. Anti-nausea medication is provided if nausea is an issue


Sleep is important but bedrest is not the key to recovery.  Although you feel tired from energy being diverted to healing, it is important that you do not become a couch potato.  Although you have activity restrictions to prevent sharp increases in Blood Pressure which may cause bleeding, it is important for you to participate in non-strenuous activity to rebuild your endurance.  

Learn More Today

Breast augmentations can change your life for the better, but aftercare and the preparation before the procedure are important.   Dr. Gray (West Bloomfield, MI) hopes this article of updated care practices was helpful. If you’re about to get a breast augmentation in Detroit, MI, no need to fret. Just follow these tips and you’ll be good in no time. If you wish more information just call Dr. Gray at 248-538-3333 or fill out the patient contact form on