All You Need to Know About Brazilian Butt-Lift Surgeries in 2019

Brazilian Butt-Lift Surgery

With the idea of the “ideal” woman constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up. Many women find themselves hoping to change details of themselves in order to fit the societal ideal of the perfect female figure. In an era of Kardashians and Nicki Minaj, among others, one of the most desirable aspects of a young woman portrayed in the media is high, full buttocks.

Not all women have a naturally perky butt – so what can they do to remedy that, if they so choose? One option is Brazilian butt-lift , which has been rising in popularity in the past decade. When it comes to a Brazilian butt-lift, Detroit, Michigan has some of the leading practitioners in the USA to help women achieve their ideal figure. One such notable physician who has stood out from the rest is Dr. Michael W. Gray, D.O.,FACOS,BS (West Bloomfield).  He has notably become known as the “Go to” Doctor for not only the but Breast, Face, Buttocks, you name it! People have flown from around the world to have Dr. Gray do their enhancing procedures but also to fixed the “Botched”.

But what does the procedure involve, and is it safe? Read on to find out if a Brazilian butt-lift in Michigan is right for you.

What is It?

A Brazilian butt-lift is fat transferring or grafting fat from one part of the body and transferring  to the buttocks to create a larger, higher, and smoother backside. The excess Fat that is not used can then be stored for future use.  This fat can be used in the Buttocks, Breast, Back of Hands and Cheeks for example. Fat grafting procedures are becoming more and more popular, and are – in many ways – quite safe. However, as with any procedure involving altering the body, there are always some risks.

The fat for the grafting is preferentially taken from areas on the body that a patient considers a “problem area”. This provides the needed fat but always improves the body proportions in the areas where obtained. The collected fat is purified and prepared which is then strategically injected in specific areas to create the shape that is desired.

What Are the Risks?

While a butt-lift procedure sounds relatively simple in theory, it is actually a uniquely difficult procedure that requires a specific set of skills and knowledge, so you must be sure your cosmetic surgeon has experience and understanding says Dr.Gray. For a Brazilian butt-lift, and many other procedures, Detroit residents turn to  Dr. Gray to create A New You ( ).

Dr. Gray states that there are several important factors to consider during the procedure, which is why you need a qualified doctor with the right experience in order to further prevent complications. These factors include:

  •        The amount of fat that can be removed
  •        Where to inject it
  •        How deep
  •        The amount of fat that can be injected

All of these are necessary factors for a successful butt-lift.  

Learn More

Every patient and every woman is different. Many patients are overjoyed as a result of their Brazilian butt-lifts – there are lots of satisfied customers out there because they turned to experienced, knowledgeable cosmetic surgeons like Dr.Gray for help achieving their dream body.

To learn more about this procedure or to schedule one yourself, as well as learn about other cosmetic procedures, visit ANewYou.