What Happens When You Get Brazilian Butt-Lift Surgery?

Brazilian butt-lift Michigan

You might have heard about the wonders that Brazilian butt-lift can do to your butt. Maybe a friend of yours had a Brazilian butt-lift in Michigan at Dr. Michael Gray’s Surgery Center (Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa) and can’t stop raving about it. But what is Brazilian butt-lift? What is the process like? Is it painful? Will you have to take time off from work?

If you don’t know enough information about this revolutionary technique, it’s easy to have a lot of questions about it. Here, we will go over what exactly happens during a Brazilian butt-lift surgery in Detroit at Dr. Gray’s OutPatient Surgery Center. You’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you step through the doors of Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center for your appointment to see  Dr. Michael W. Gray, DO,FACOS,BS.

What Is a Brazilian Butt-Lift?

The Brazilian butt-lift is a procedure that’s becoming more popular each year. Basically,  fat that is resistant to diet and exercise is removed from preferred parts of your body and placed in your buttocks. The result is a fuller, thicker buttocks with a more beautiful rounded curvature that you can show off wherever you go!

Despite its name, it isn’t actually a lift at all.  Rather, it’s the process of injecting fat into your buttocks to give you a better contour. In essence,  a rounder more fuller shapely defined buttocks occurs. It’s an ideal option for those looking for a stronger curve to their shape or those who are fearful of invasive procedures such as butt (Gluteal) implants.  When performing this procedure Dr. Gray states it is important to not only take fat that is resistant to diet and exercise from a area, but to also consider what areas you can remove the fat and make the buttocks more shapely as well.  In your consultation, Dr. Gray will review these areas with you.

At Dr. Gray’s facility, He has  helped tens of thousands of patients who have struggled with self-esteem issues about their bodies. In today’s competitive and beauty-centric world, it’s very common for people to make an appointment with Dr. Gray. Having a  Brazilian butt-lift in Detroit with Dr. Gray can make you feel more confident in how you look and feel.

fat transfer

What Is the Procedure Like?

You don’t arrive with beautiful shape but you will leave with a beautifully shaped bottom.  Although all good things come with time and healing and swelling do take time, this procedure offers immediate results and endless smiles!

First, Dr. Gray extracts fat from your body and prepares the fat for transfer.   Once prepared the fat is then transferred to the Buttocks in the areas needed to improve the shape.  Excess fat that is not used is then stored (frozen) up to six months. The procedure can be repeated without additional liposuction every 6 weeks until the fat is gone, reach the desired look or 6 months passes.   

What Is the Recovery Process Like?

Don’t expect any downtime with a Brazilian butt-lift. You do not have any restrictions upon your ability to sit on your buttocks that is rumored on the internet.  Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is a recommendation to provide the oxygen these fat cells need while the body develops a blood supply to the newly transferred cells. You’ll have to treat the area with a warm heating pad for the first week, which increases blood flow and oxygen to your bottom. After this initial treatment, you might experience some mild soreness. Otherwise, you’ll be delighted by how smooth this adjustment process really is.

Where Should I Receive a Brazilian Butt-Lift?

There are numerous offices around the country that you can go to and receive a quality butt-lift. However, Dr. Gray’s  Brazilian butt-lift in Detroit, Michigan will give you the butt you’ve always dreamed of having. Dr. Gray and his amazing staff will take excellent care of you while you pass forward through this process.  

Keep in mind, a Brazilian butt-lift isn’t really a “lift.” While it enhances your buttocks by filling and making it  more round, a true “lift” isn’t possible without scars. This procedure is often combined with the Hourglasstuck.com and Emsculpt (which enhances the size of the Gluteal Muscles)

If a traditional butt-lift is what you’re looking for, Dr. Gray can help you. When you make an appointment at our office, Dr. Gray will go over options with you. Learn more today by making an appointment with us! Call 248-538-3333 or Visit anewyou.com