Get Ready Cosmetic Surgery Before Your Wedding In Michigan

Dr. Michael W. Gray, D.O. FACOS, a world renowned surgeon (West Bloomfield, Michigan) was asked “What are some procedures women do before their wedding?” 

Dr. Gray stated, “If you are planning for your wedding you might have already thought about your dress, the cake, and the invitations. However, you might not have thought too much about how you’re going to look on your big day.  Will you fill out that beautiful dress on top and be thin enough to get into the dress? Will your dress have an open back and will everyone see rolls of skin and back fat?

Will you cover your arms?”

When you get married you will no doubt want everything to be perfect and you’ll also want to look perfect. The weeks leading up to your wedding day can take its toll on you. However, with a bit of help from Dr. Gray you can really look your best.

According to Dr. Gray, here are a few cosmetic procedures that could help you to look great on your special day and in all those glorious wedding photographs:

Botox Procedure

Botox is one of the most popular types of cosmetic procedures which is simple and safe. When botox is injected it tells your nerve muscles to freeze. This means you’re less likely to see wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

It can take up to 3 to 5 days for you to see the full effects of botox but they can last up to 2 to 9 months. What this means is your face could look younger in your wedding photographs and for  months afterward.

Lip Enhancement Surgery

Lip Enhancement

You probably want your lips to look as good as possible when you have your first kiss or first wedding photo. The good news is you can have much fuller lips easily with a temporary filler. 

Treatment is less than ten minutes minutes and the results can be seen immediately. Lasting up 4 to 6 months, your lips could be perfect for your big day.  If planning is your thing, a permanent filler which is most natural in appearance and feel can be used (Alloderm).  Many people are considering Upper Lip Lift as well to give the width to the lip that most people desperately need. 

However, with these options, you will need up to 7 days to recover so you should opt to have the procedure well before you walk down the aisle.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

wedding cosmetic procedures

If you are worried that your breasts do not look as good as they could, you could consider breast augmentation. A lot of people are concerned about the scars left behind after the procedure. If this is the case, Dr. Gray has offered ‘Scarless’ Breast Augmentation since 1992.  Dr. Gray is one of the co-founders of this procedure and has given lectures published articles on this procedure. EndoBAM (Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty) is the safest and easiest recovery when considering Breast Augmentation. You can be back to work that very next day.

BBL (Fat Transfer) / Sculptra

Another extremely easy and popular procedure if planning ahead is BBL, Brazilian Butt “Lift” or simply Fat Transfer. In this procedure fat that is resistant to diet and exercise is transferred from “problem” areas to enhance the shape of the Buttocks.  There is NO downtime for the fat transfer but give yourself two weeks for the lipo before you out on that bikini. Sculptra is another option for individuals who wish volume but do not have the fat to transfer or do not wish lipo. 

If your big day is coming up you will want to look your best. The above  are just some of the procedures that can help you look better in all of those wonderful wedding photographs. Other procedures you may wish to research:  Arm Tuck,, External Ultrasonic Lipo, Emsculpt, CO2 Repair, Fraxel, Halo, Smooth Laser, Coolsculpt….and more.

You will want the best results for your big day so please make sure you have the procedures carried out in time so you can recover before your special day arrives. 

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