10 Breast Augmentation Myths and Facts People Still Believe

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Breast augmentation is one of this country’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Almost 300,000 women have breast augmentation every single year with either saline or silicone gel implants.

While the media is often happy to talk about breast augmentation and who might have had this procedure done, the media does little to dispel myths about this popular and safe procedure. The good news is, with the help of Dr. Michael W. Gray, a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, this article will help you understand the reality behind some of the most widely-believed myths:

1. Augmentation will affect the ability to breastfeed

Dr. Michael W. Gray has informed us that this is completely false! Women can still breastfeed after their procedure if they were able to breastfeed before. Breast Implants are either BELOW the breast tissue OR BELOW the muscle in the chest. Breast Implants are not IN the breast, therefore, they have NO effect on a woman’s ability to breastfeed. However, the method (or path) with which the implant was placed does determine and can affect breast feeding. The EndoBAM (Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty) or “Scarless” Breast Augmentation is the safest method of all the methods of Breast Augmentation. In contrast, The Areola (or Nipple) approach divides the most milk ducts. Other methods such as axillary (armpit) and Inframammary (Breast Crease) approaches have varying percentages of problems as well. Learn more about scarless breast augmentation here.

2. A Mammography is affected by Augmentation

Mammograms can still be performed with or without implants. Placing implants “Under” the muscle allows for more breast tissue to be seen on a mammogram but by the use of the Ecklind Technique (Push Back) mammograms are easily performed if placement is “OVER” the muscle. Extra views are obtained as well when needed. The Position of the Breast Implant does not increase the risk for breast cancer

3. Older Women Should Not Have Breast Augmentation

Dr. Gray commented that this is a common misconception. Life is not over at any age until life is over. Why not be happy in your own skin? Dr. Gray feels women of all ages can have and enjoy fuller, prettier, more shapely breasts. “One might think a breast lift is more common in older women, but women at any age can benefit from a lift if better nipple placement, position of the breast, or better shape is desired.” States Dr. Gray. “Implants enlarge while a lift lifts and shapes”. If an older woman has good overall health, there’s no reason why they should not have breast augmentation. The age of the woman is irrelevant, and they can have great results whether they’re 25 or 85.

4. Autoimmune Diseases are Caused by Augmentation

While rumors about this have circulated, studies have shown that there is no additional risk of suffering from an autoimmune disease in women with breast implants than the regular population. Every type of implant that is available in this country is FDA-cleared. This means they are safe to use and are very unlikely to cause any major health issues.  The New concern about TEXTURED breast implants has to do with Texturing of the implant vs the composition. Dr. Gray advises women to avoid textured as they serve add no value over smooth. Shelled implants. The Anaplastic Lymphoma BIA-ALCL is due to the texturing irritating and causing imflammation with movement while smooth would not likely cause inflammation. Currently the FDA and Allergen have pulled their textured implants off the market and there is no recommendation to remove textures if you have. Close observation is recommended in all women with Textured implants.

5. Women can Choose Any Cup Size

Skin does not stretch but actually grows. The room you have is limited and you can not place any implant you wish. Dr. Gray reminds his patient’s that when choosing a size ” it is not necessarily about what you want, but rather what you can have”. Because room is limited women will need to work with the characteristics and dimensions of their own body’s anatomy. Dr. Gray has an extensive consultation with his patients explaining in detail all the aspects of Breast Augmentation. If interested in a free consultation to learn more, contacting Dr. Gray (anewyou.com) would be a great start.

6. Implants Need to be Replaced After 10 Years

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There is no reason to replace implants after ten or even fifty years unless issues arise. Implants are replaced if they leak/rupture, patients wish a different size, or a desire for removal. Every woman who undergoes breast augmentation should have follow-up appointments to make sure that all is well. If the implants are not causing any issues they can stay in for as long as the patient wishes.

7. Any Cosmetic Surgeon can Perform the Surgery

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This is not the case at all. Not every cosmetic / plastic surgeon has the same training or the same level of skill. Those who wish to undergo breast augmentation should make sure that the surgeon has the necessary qualifications and skill to carry out the procedure.

8. All Surgeons are the Same

Again, this is not the case. All surgeons work differently and they all have different skills and experiences. Skill is the most important characteristic when picking a surgeon or even a tennis partner. Skill is a character you are born with vs taught.

9. Breast Implants can Make you Feel Better

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This ultimately depends on what you’re looking to achieve. If your breasts are small and they affect your self confidence, implants can make you feel better.

10. Breast Augmentation will Lift your Breasts

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This is absolutely false believe and if a surgeon thinks this and operates this way, the patient will suffer. Implants enlarge while lifts lift.

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