How Much Does Brazilian Buttlift Cost in Michigan?

If you are considering having a Brazillian buttlift you might be wondering how much the procedure is going to cost. Dr. Gray has helped thousands of people all across the country feel much more confident about their bodies. However, knowing how much it costs can help you to determine whether this procedure is financially right for you.

The good news is, there are a lot of options to consider when planning your surgery. These options can make the procedure more or even less expensive than you thought.


brazilian butt lift

For many patients, the Brazilian buttlift cost $1400 to prepare the fat and inject the fat once it has been obtained. However, the cost will increase based upon what areas the fat is obtained from and how many areas are selected to be the donor site for the fat. An exact cost of the procedure would be based upon these decisions which vary from patient to patient. The body is divided into sections which have distinct borders which are visible and present in every patient. The axilla, back, waist, hip, sacrum. Abdomen and Mons pubis compose the torso. Back of the arms, sides of the arms compose the upper extremity, and the entire thigh legs compose the lower extremity. The lower extremity can be divided into inner, outer, anterior and knees for the thighs and ankle and calves for the leg. See Figure below to locate the area you would like to use as the site from which fat is donated. The cost to do hip can be as little as $1000 to obtain the fat from one area to $18,000 if many areas are chosen. However, these figures are approximate and the amount you end up paying could differ.

Here’s what could influence the cost of your Brazillian buttlift surgery:

The type of Liposuction procedure chosen (External Ultrasonic alone or with MPX SmartLipo)

  • Local or Anesthesia
  • The sedation you choose
  • Ancillary services and Supplies

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors:

The Type of Brazilian Buttlift Surgery

External Ultrasonic Liposuction can obtain 50-75% of the fat in a region depending upon the characteristics of your fat (Fat that is bonded well makes extraction more difficult vs fat whose bonds break apart more easily)

The sedation your surgeon uses

Most of the time a good fat transfer would require General Anesthesia or Deep Sedation (twilight). Because skin does not stretch, space is limited. If the Buttocks is completely numbed with medicine under local, there would be no room left for the fat. The space that would have been free is no not available for the fat.

Your compression garment

A compression garment following your surgery helps decrease the swelling after surgery and plays an important role in healing.

How to Pay for Your Brazilian Buttlift

At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center Dr. Gray offers many financing options that can make your procedure more affordable. You can also opt for loans specifically tailored towards those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery.


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