What Happens During Brazilian Butt-lift Surgery?


Also known as “Gluteoplasty”, Brazillian butt “lifts” are becoming more and more popular as it is a farely simple procedure that does not require any downtime, there are no scars and provides the results it was designed to do.  This procedure is designed to provide the best shape for the buttocks and not solely to enlarge. Many women do not want large buttocks but crave a “Better” Buttock. Dr. Michael W. Gray (West Bloomfield, Michigan) explains all you need to know.

Marking the Area for Surgery

The area where the patient would like to have the additional fat added is marked and the location of where the fat is to be harvested from is marked as well. The puncture sites where the fat is extracted will also be marked out. Dr. Gray keeps these puncture sites as inconspicuous as possible.

Administering Anesthesia

The next stage involves administering anesthesia. This involves first the application of monitors that record the vital signs, second starting an IV to administer anesthesia. Oxygen is applied as well. Dr. Gray’s OR bed is heated for patient comfort. The method of sedation that you will receive will be decided between the patient and the anesthesia provider.

Preparing the Buttocks

The buttocks will now be prepared. They will be disinfected and the harvest site will be disinfected. This is the area of your body where fat needs to be removed. This is done via liposuction. When these areas of your body are disinfected, it means they’re less likely to become infected.

Making Puncture Sites

Small Punctures are made into the donor sites in key areas to aid in the extraction of fat and provide not only the best result in that area but to hide the puncture as you heal.  A single puncture is made between the cheeks of the buttock at the base of the sacrum (tail bone).

Injecting Fluid

After prepping and draping using sterile techniques, Tumescent fluid is infused into the areas of the body preselected to donate fat.   This fluid is largely Lactated Ringers with epinephrine, bicarbonate, and lidocaine.

Harvesting and Preparing the Fat

Using liposuction (External Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction or EUAL with or without  SmartLipo MPX), fat is taken from other areas of your body so it can be transferred to your buttocks. The areas chosen for the fat transfer is decided in consultation with Dr.  Gray prior to scheduling the procedure. The fat is extracted into sterile canisters from which is is washed with antibiotic solution and the fat is then concentrated.

Using Injection Syringes

After the fat is prepared, it is transferred into sterile injection syringes. Any unused fat can be cryogenically stored for up to six months for future use if desired.

Transferring the Fat

When ready, the fat is injected into the buttocks using the marking as a guideline. The fat is layered both into the gluteal muscles (intramuscular space) and above the gluteal muscles (subcutaneous space).


The Puncture sites of the donor sites are covers with sterile dressings. The Single Puncture site in the middle of the two buttocks is covered as well.

Post Butt Lift Surgery Instructions

Rest assured Dr. Gray will provide you the Pre-op care and Aftercare instructions so that you know how to take care of yourself when getting ready for a Brazilian Butt “Lift” and afterwards.  What Dr. Gray wants you to know is that you can sit on your buttocks without any concerns after the transfer. Fat will not die as a result (nor does it die now) and you will not be able to push the fat that was transferred into another area.  The compartment has walls just like a room. The fat will not move out. Sitting on you buttocks afterwards benefits the shape of the buttocks in only a positive way.  

When most people consider a Brazilian butt-lift cost, they are unaware of how much work goes into the procedure. However, with the help of an experienced Cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Gray, patients can come away with a butt lift that gives them the look they’ve always wanted. Call Dr. Gray and set up your free consultation today 248-538-3333 or visit anewyou.com

December 19, 2019 Blog