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Loss of collagen and fullness of parts of the body comes with the aging process. We see this thinning most noticeably  in the lips, ear lobes, back of hands and cheeks. All these areas are treatable by restoring volume using either temporary or a permanent filler.

Nurse Ariana and Dr. Michael W. Gray can help get back your youthful appearance and enhance the features you have without distortion of your face. If it’s the lips that bather you the most and you desire a sexier more youthful lips then lip enhancement or lip augmentation is right for you.

Lip enhancement is a very safe easily tolerated and provides immediate results without any downtime.  Cosmetic lip filler techniques involve the placement or injection of  the filler into the lips. Numerous lip augmentation procedures use different dermal fillers, and Russian lips is one of them.

At Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa, we offer customized lip injection procedures. Nurse Ariana will help you decide on the best procedure for you based on your individual needs.

Contact the talented and skilled Nurse Ariana today at 248-538-3333 to get one step closer to feeling and looking confident and sexy again.  with whatever your needs be.  

What are Russian Lips?

The procedure is named after the Russians, known for their beauty and naturally thick lips. The Russian lip technique shapes the lips into a subtle heart shape, like a Russian doll.

Though there’s more volume near the center, it doesn’t add excessive volume where you have to worry about a ”duck look”. Nurse Ariana’s skill can fill and lift the lip as well. Nurse Ariana commands the talents and artistry needed to create the perfect look.

About our lips services

It’s not just Russian Lips that Nurse Ariana and Dr. Gray can create. We also offer other lip services:

1.  Upper lip lift

The upper lip lift is ideal for patients unhappy with their nose’s distance or length from the lip. It reduces the distance from the nose to the actual lip providing a more plewssing appearance while widening and enhancing the upper lip making the lip fuller more toward the center and least on the sides. This procedure hides a small incision directly under the nose and with Dr. Grays technique in the nose.upper lip lift and many other procedures can combined with other procedures like lip augmentation, facial fillers, Botox, face or neck lifts chin implants, eyelids and more to enhance dramatic results.

The minimal discomfort and swelling makes recovery easy, and most patients can return to normal activities within a week.

2.  Lip enlargement

Through temporary or permanent lip enhancement, Nurse Ariana and Dr. Michael Gray can give your lips a sexy pouty, and fuller look.

We inject all forms of Juvederm or Restylane for temporary lip enhancement lasting about 4 to 6 months. Though there may be some swelling, you can return to normal activities immediately after the injection.

We use Alloderm or fat for permanent enhancement, where you can return to regular activities the following day or wishing a week.

3.   Lip reduction

Dr. Gray can also help patients who aren’t happy with their enlarged lips through a lip reduction. Dr. Gray reducesb the lip size by removing a portion of the lip’s wet side inside the mouth to avoid visible scars.

The sutures used dissolve with time, and we advise you to refrain from opening your mouth too  wide for three weeks. 

Pain medicine and ice provide relief from the associated minimal bruising and pain. While each patient has their recovery phase, we recommend avoiding social events for at least two weeks.

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Do not worry if you have thin lips. There’s no need even to look elsewhere if you want the best lip injections in any town. Nurse Ariana is here.
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With the best Russian lips technique in Michigan and the country, Dr. Gray and Nurse Ariana can make you feel so much better in minutes. Many people from Michigan and elsewhere have trusted their lips, face and body with Nurse Ariana and Dr. Gray.

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October 7, 2021 Blog