Scarless Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift With Dr. Michael Gray

There’s so much information online regarding breast surgery that it can be overwhelming and confusing. That is why we wanted to ask a world renowned surgeon like Dr. Michael W Gray, DO Director of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa, his insights about this topic. He is one of the leading experts in Cosmetic surgery inclusive of Breast lift and Scarless breast augmentation. Dr. Gray is located in West Bloomfield, Michigan and is well known across the country for his talents. So, let’s break down the benefits of each procedure so you can choose the one that fits your personal needs and goals best.

Breast Lift or Scarless Breast Augmentation? With Dr. Michael Gray

Breast Lift or Scarless Breast Augmentation? With Dr. Michael Gray

Scarless Breast Augmentation

Scarless Breast Augmentation, is an advanced technique performed by Dr. Gray for over 30 years, is commonly known as EndoBAM, which stands for Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty. This endoscopic technique allows Dr. Michael Gray to make a small incision inside the folds of the belly button where he can view the inside of the body with a small surgical camera. Unlike laparoscopy which enters the abdominal cavity, Dr. Gray glides in the fat layer just under the skin. Since the belly button is the only scar we are born with, the procedure does not add another scar. A scar within a scar is a scar. Hence, this is why the cosmetic procedure is considered “scarless”. There are no incisions made underneath the breast, in the Axilla (armpit) or around the areola.

The result? A minimally invasive breast augmentation surgery, with less downtime, quicker recovery time, less risks of capsular contracture as well as other risks reduced. The other important consideration is less discomfort and the return to work much faster. Perfect for women that may want fuller looking breasts without scars, easier recovery, markedly less pain and less risks than that of the classical incisions.

Dr. Gray has performed over 10,000 breast augmentations in West Bloomfield, MI making him one of the most experienced breast augmentation surgeons in the county. For more information regarding scarless breast augmentation, please click here.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift is a fantastic option for patients that want to improve the look of sagging, deflated or aging breasts. Many people come to see Dr. Gray for a Breast Lift, especially mothers, women that have lost some weight or have asymmetrical breasts. Often combining both a lift and enlargement together may be desired.

The advantage of the breast lift  procedure is it creates a natural look by raising and tightening the skin around the breast, giving you a fuller and more youthful look while maintaining the same volume but placed in a different container, the skin. During a breast lift procedure Dr. Gray often reduces the size of the areola so that the areola will be proportional to the breast.

Breast lift vs Breast Augmentation

It’s not uncommon for our patients to want to combine both the scarless breast augmentation with a breast lift, for even better results. During your consultation, make sure to ask Dr. Gray about both procedures, the Breast Lift and Scarless Breast Augmentation.

All procedures and surgeries are performed at Dr. Gray’s state of the art surgical facility. He provides all of his patients with a safe, comfortable, stress free environment, where you can feel at ease while Dr. Gray delivers the ‘results of your dreams’ transforming you into A New You.

After the surgery, most of our patients are surprised at how good they feel. Since recovery is minimal, most end up going back to work the very next day.

When making life changing decisions that involve your body, you only want the best of the best, and that is who Dr. Michael W. Gray from Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa is.

For more information, please visit our website at or give us a call at 248-538-3333 to book a consultation.

September 9, 2022 Blog