What Is A High Definition Facelift? The Facts You Need to Know.

What is a High Definition Facelift?

What is a High Definition Facelift?

Did you know that Facelift procedures have increased by 54 percent since 2020? These facial cosmetic surgery procedures have been on the rise due to its popularity and positive life changing effects. But more importantly, Dr. Gray (West Bloomfield, Michigan) has created a High Definition Facelift that is without the pain and discomfort of traditional lifts!

But first lets explain what exactly is a Facelift?

Facelift Surgery has become a more common cosmetic procedure as more and more people seek out the benefits. Whether you want your face to appear younger, remove sagging skin, or give yourself a boost of confidence, a Facelift is a perfect choice to rejuvenate your facial features without the worry of looking distorted, pulled or botched. Dr. Michael W. Gray, DO and Skin Deep Spa have both surgical and nonsurgical options waiting for you just a “tap” away at anewyou.com

If you’re considering getting a Facelift, a High Def Facelift, a Mini facelift, High Def Neck lift or Neck Sling in the future, keep on reading to learn more about how Dr. Michael Gray, the Best Facelift Surgeon in Michigan, performs this procedure.


What Is a Facelift?

A Facelift is a surgical cosmetic operation that gives the face a more youthful and rested appearance. Oftentimes, people wish to reduce the saggy and loose skin on their neck (Necklift), Face (jowls) Mini Facelift or both (Facelift), which is why they opt for these popular procedures. While Facelifts and Neck lifts are known to remove excess skin, Dr. Gray has advanced the procedure by adding a unique technique which produces much more defined contours of the neck angle and jaw without the discomfort associated with the muscle tightening. Using this unique technique, Dr. Gray has helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals of not only a more youthful appearance but a naturally better look than they were born with! With this, Dr. Gray has helped transform the neck and jawline of individuals without loose skin.

For those who do not wish to undergo the Facelift or Necklift procedure, Dr. Gray has developed another procedure called the Necksling, which is a much more minimally invasive form. Additionally, you benefit from this surgery even if there is NO excess skin. True High Definition awaits whether you have droopy excess hanging skin or not! How does he achieve this you might ask? Call Dr. Gray and set up an in person or virtual consultation to find out how the High Def techniques can help you achieve a look like in the photos below. 


High Definition Facelift - Patient of Dr. Michael Gray

High Definition Facelift – Patient of Dr. Michael Gray

High Definition Facelift - Patient of Dr. Michael Gray

High Definition Facelift – Patient of Dr. Michael Gray

Keep in mind, you can do as much or as little as you like to achieve the goals you are looking for. While Facelifts and Necklifts do not fix the brow, eyelids, or wrinkles, et al, these corrective procedures can always be done at the same time or in the future. If non-surgical options are more appealing thats where non-surgical tightening of the skin plays a role and ancillary procedures offered by Nurse Ariana @injectorariana and his staff at Skin Deep Spa.

According to Dr. Gray, Facelifts, Necklifts and Mini Facelifts start by making incisions in natural creases of the face in front of and behind the ear to hide the scar. The face and neck underneath the skin are tightened and contoured using special techniques of Dr. Gray to indirectly tighten the skin and produce a High Definition look. This is in contrast to High Def Lipo which reduces fat to produce the definition. In Dr. Gray’s High Def procedure, reducing fat is not the key component that produces definition without adding fillers as in liquid facelifts. Due to the nature of Dr. Gray’s High Definition Facelift method, any scars are naturally concealed and the angles that are produced create that much desired natural and radiant youthful look. The end result is a younger looking and natural facial appearance, that restores the resilient quality of the face while defining the proper angles of the neck. 

Dr. Gray is frequently asked to clarify the terminology as many people are often confused. He explains that a Facelift is a Mini facelift and a Necklift combined, while a Mini Facelift only improves the jowls and a Necklift only improves the neck. In a future blog, Dr. Gray will include more details of the Necklift, Necksling and other non-surgical skin procedures. But for now, if you’d like more information regarding any of Dr. Gray’s or Injector Ariana services, please click here.

On the other hand, to see all the different High Definition Facelift before and after pictures of Dr. Gray’s patients, click here.


Types of Facelifts

During your consultation, Dr. Michael Gray, Cosmetic Surgeon and Director of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa would be pleased to discuss the various lift procedures with you and provide more information on the different options that fit your goals.

That being said, the Mini-Facelift is a very popular procedure as well. Patients who have mild jowling or sagging skin are often recommended this option. Because it is less invasive and offers a shorter recovery time, it is a good alternative to the High Def Facelift. However, the Mini Facelift will not treat the neck.

The High Def Facelift is the for those individuals desiring more results that a Mini can’t offer. The High Definition Facelift is for individuals desiring improved jowls and neck, and wanting to achieve more definition of the neck angles with or without excess skin. The High Def neck lift or Necksling is most appropriate for individuals who do not wish or need improved jowls but are focused on the neck. These two neck procedures are indicated for individuals with or without excess skin that want definition and better angles and contour where liposuction alone would not create these results.  


How Much Does a High Definition Facelift Cost?

Pricing does vary depending on the type of Lift you choose. However, at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center, and Skin Deep Spa Dr. Gray offers competitive pricing and flexible financing options are available. His team is also trained to provide the highest quality of care and service in a comfortable state of the art surgical facility. To help patients afford these procedures, NO facility fees incurred. 


Treat Yourself to a High Definition Facelift From the Best Facelift Surgeon In Michigan

Aging is a normal process that happens to all of us. However, thanks to the cutting edge techniques and gentle touch of Dr. Gray, he and his staff at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa can help you turn back your biological clock and give you the vibrant and refreshed look you’ve always wanted.

Now that you know what is a High Def Facelift and what it entails, you can consider visiting the best Facelift surgeon in Michigan, Dr. Michael Gray.

Whether it is a surgical or non-surgical procedure you are looking for, it is time to find out what Dr. Gray can do for you. Treat yourself by contacting us here and learning what your options so Dr. Gray can make YOU,  anewyou.com!

We look forward to seeing you!


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