Benefits Of A Breast Augmentation

What are the benefits of a Breast Augmentation?

What are the benefits of a Breast Augmentation?


Not having a beautiful and symmetrical bustline can lead to a lack of confidence in women. Breast augmentation is about much more than just having larger breasts. It’s about regaining your confidence, feeling attractive and desired with (or without) your clothes on, and achieving a more youthful profile. While there are many options to choose from for your breast augmentation, there are certain benefits that come from choosing Dr. Michael Gray from Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa as your breast implant surgeon ( West Bloomfield, Michigan. )


Benefit # 1: You choose the breast implant or enlargement you want.


Dr. Michael Gray is trained in all forms of Breast enlargement techniques. Therefore, Dr. Gray can offer breast enlargement using either Fat transfer or implants filled with either  Saline or Silicone “Gummy Bear”.



Gummy Bear Silicone implants are the new FDA-approved cohesive gel implants. They are called “Gummy Bear” because they retain their shape and structure even when the implant shell is broken similar to cutting jello. Instead of using a liquid, a cohesive gel is used. These breast enhancement implants are made round and teardrop in shape. Dr. Gray explains that there is confusion that tear drop are not round and round is not tear drop. Dr. Gray explains that round is not a sphere and all implants are round or a circle. Round implants still form a teardrop shape with gravity and are always teardrop in shape upon any position or movement. The difference is that teardrop are round but have more fill at the bottom than the top and retain this shape. If the implant rotates it is now an upside down teardrop and does not orient itself with the body as a natural breast would do. Therefore, teardrop implants have lost its favor due to rotation. Dr. Gray offers these implants if patients desire this but he personally does not recommend the use of teardrops. Teardrop implants only come in a textured shell to try to minimize rotation. Textured implants have been associated with the rare occurrence of Anaplastic Lymphoma of the breast.  



Saline breast implants are made by filling the silicone shell with a sterile saltwater solution. Saline implants have many advantages over silicone. One advantage is that the saline is similar to the salt and water of our own body. Therefore if the saline implants leak or rupture, the saltwater would be absorbed and excreted in the urine without any issues. In contrast the silicone rupture would go unnoticed. Saline implants would deflate in the situation of a leak or rupture. The deflation would be noticed as the breast would loose its volume associated with the implant. Secondly, saline implants can be inserted not only through the traditional chest approaches (axillary, areola, inframammary) but also through the belly button. Since the Belly button is the only scar on the body that you are born with,  the procedure through the belly button Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty (EndoBAM) is considered essentially a scarless procedure.  


Since both are different, breast augmentation costs vary depending on the type of implant you select.


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Silicone Breast Augmentation under Muscle Inframammary Incision 300ccSilicone Breast Augmentation under Muscle Inframammary Incision 350ccMastopexy & Silicone Implants: Left Implant 300cc, Right Implant 255 cc Under The MuscleSilicone Breast Augmentation Under Muscle Inframammary Incision 400cc 


Benefit # 2: Improve Breast Asymmetry


Under the care of Dr. Michael Gray from Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa, you will achieve your aesthetic desires with breast augmentation. During your breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Gray can offer other techniques to improve the asymmetry besides just adjusting volume with the implants. If creating better symmetry and a voluptuous appearance that fits your personal goals, then you do not have to look any farther than the office of Dr. Michael W. Gray, DO.


Breast asymmetry occurs when one breast has a different size, diameter, volume, position, nipple position or form than the other breast. During your consultation, Dr. Gray will discuss what options you have to improve the issues you are experiencing.  


Benefit # 3: Personalized approach with Dr. Gray


Dr. Gray is a leading breast augmentation cosmetic surgeon that has performed over 20,000 breast procedures. He understands the physical and emotional needs his patients have and the best solutions to meet those needs.


During your consultation with Dr. Gray, he will examine and provide recommendations on the best options for your breast augmentation surgery. By evaluating your medical history, physical anatomy, your aesthetic goals and your body type, he will explain the pros and cons of all your options, the  benefits and limitations of each, so that you will be capable of making the right decisions for you.  



Benefit # 4: Easy Recovery and Fair Breast Augmentation Price


Breast augmentation surgery can be an intricate procedure which is why selecting the best surgeon in Michigan and the USA is extremely important if you want to experience the best results possible. With Dr. Gray’s expertise and personalized approach he can help you reach your personal aesthetic goals. Breast augmentation costs vary from state to state. Dr. Gray has kept his costs fair and reasonable and never charges facility fees to help keep costs affordable to patients. Dr. Gray truly believes all should have access to their dreams. 


The American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s places the average cost of breast augmentation at $4,516, but this only includes the surgeon’s fees. It does not include anesthesia, operating room, and other related expenses which can elevate the costs to over $10,000. Dr. Gray has been able to keep these costs down by building a modern state of the art surgical facility where the patient has never been charged a facility fee. 


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When making life changing decisions around your physique, you only want the best of the best like Dr. Michael W. Gray from Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa. For more information, please visit our website at give us a call at 248-538-3333 to book a consultation.

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