The ProPower Therapeutic Cellulite Lipomassager is a patient friendly home therapeutic device that compliments and enhances the recovery and cellulite reduction when combined with in-office treatments.

ProPower Lipomassage: Best used after External Ultrasonic Lipo and/or Smartlipo MPX procedures:

Smoothing: As the body heals the bonds between the remaining fat cells will reform over six weeks. Once bonded the smoothing and shaping is limited. Doing office procedures such as Venus Legacy or VS+ allows for the most aggressive Post-Lipo smoothing procedure. Healing is a 24 hour a day process and the importance of home therapy should not be overlooked. Maximal smoothing results are achieved with home and office therapy. When Office treatments are not an option, Home therapy should not be overlooked. The FDA has approved both Wellbox and Propower for home use. ProPower allows for the reduction in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements through patented mechanical directional manipulation of the fat as you heal at home.

Healing/Swelling: Improves local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and overall healing produce a speedier recovery.