“The key to successful healing is to influence how the scar will heal from the beginning!”

How to Improve Scars with TheraSCAR
Nothing ruins your body like scars. Does it bother you that SCARS are the first thing people notice? Your options for improving your scars are much better then you think thanks to Dr. Micheal W. Gray a World Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon.

   There is a new product for treating scars!

TheraSCAR is a remarkable new product that has changed the way people deal with their scars. Dr. Grays TheraSCAR is one of the most popular anti-scar products available. This product uses ingredients that have been compounded together to rejuvenate and aid the body in healing skin. TheraSCAR works best when applied to the skin at the onset of the injury and is considered to be a basic component to any first aid to the skin. TheraSCAR helps reduce the appearance of scars, as a result, can give you back your confidence in how good your skin looks.

TheraSCAR helps all types of Scars and all types of skin. Any injury to the Skin can be improved by simply applying TheraSCAR.

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Where Did Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR Come From?

Patients often only remember surgery or trauma by the Scar that is left behind. A Scar when formed is a permanent mark on the skin and a constant reminder of the physical or emotional trauma.
Dr. Gray realized early on that the key to successful healing is to influence how the scar will heal from the beginning.

In trying to obtain a product that his patients can use, Dr. Gray noticed a common feature amongst the scar products on the market…”THEY DID NOT WORK!”

Frustrated over the lack of a single product on the market for his patients that actually helped scars,
Dr. Gray conducted research to develop a product that would contain the essential ingredients needed for skin rejuvenation. The goal was to assist to body to do what it was actually designed to do…HEAL!

After many years of evaluating the efficacy and aesthetics of the product, Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR was developed.

TheraSCAR when used as directed produces effective and consistent healing amongst a variety of skin types.

TheraSCAR is a Non-surgical treatment of skin injuries created to aid the body in the development of the most optimal environment for skin healing. Dr. Gray believes that it was better to have a product that could help skin heal in the beginning rather than trying to undo the scar after it was healed. Thus he developed a product that could be applied safely to the skin at the beginning of an injury while mitigating the forces that would cause poor skin healing.

Like all topical treatments, TheraSCAR may not work for everyone. Everyone is a little different. But for the majority it does help.