Tummy Tucks: The Pros and Cons

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Many people feel self-conscious about their stomach, and the older we get, the harder it is to stay in shape.   As the clock ticks metabolism slows, fat stores increase in size, bulges occur and ultimately the skin grows. When this occurs on the abdomen tummy tucks can help with the excess skin while liposuction helps only to reduce the fat leaving the empty skin behind. A major component of the aging abdomen is increasing abdominal girth. This problem that is treatable with a new procedure that is not new at all. This procedure is called the Hour Glass Tummy Tuck ( HGTT ). HGTT was developed by Dr. Michael W. Gray DO, FACOS ( West Bloomfield, Michigan ) over twenty years ago. The HGTT is unique type of tummy tuck that is different than the standard tummy tucks being performed. The HGTT flattens the abdominal wall, cinches the waistline and removes more skin than a traditional tummy tuck without the pain and discomfort of the traditional tummy tucks.
The HGTT has gained much popularity in the last year for its remarkable results.
There are advantages to HGTT in addition to those listed above. The HGTT and traditional tucks can remove lower abdominal scars but it is only the HGTT that can improve upon traditional tucks as well
While many people have tried a range of diet and exercise programs, they don’t always find it easy to flatten or tighten skin in the stomach area. This is where an Hour Gkass tummy tuck can come in and make a huge difference.

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What Exactly is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, also known as “Abdominoplasty” is a cosmetic procedure. This procedure is used not only to remove skin and the excess fat associated with the excess skin hanging from the stomach or abdomen. However, unlike traditional Tummy Tucks The HGTT is designed not only for those individuals with excess skin but for those with no excess hanging skin but suffer from a protruding / bulging abdominal wall. The HGTT does this with a greater degree while also decreasing abdominal girth much more than you can achieve by sucking your tummy in, in most cases!!
During the procedure, a cut is made just under the abdomen and unwanted skin and it’s associated fat. If choosing the HGTT you achieve this and more. The results speak for themselves  Hourglasstuck.com
The Pros and Cons of a Tummy Tuck
The pros and cons of a tummy tuck include:


  • It can help you to have a tummy that you’re pleased with – This can help to boost your self-confidence
  • Your tummy is likely to be firmer – Again, this can help to boost your self-confidence
  • Stretch marks can be a thing of the past as this procedure will help to reduce or eliminate them entirely depending on where they are.
  • When you wear swimwear, you will have a more youthful appearance – This can help you to feel much better on the beach
  • Lower abdominal skin imperfections are likely to have disappeared with the skin that is removed. This means you can confidently wear swimwear or other clothes that show more of your tummy
  • A tummy tuck can be used alongside other procedures such as liposuction ( restrictions apply ) , saving you time and ensuring you’re a lot closer to your desired look
  • There are very few risks associated with a tummy tuck – Your surgeon will discuss these risks with you so you understand
  • This procedure can help you to feel more confident about your body
  • Your surgeon will give you instructions that can help you to adjust to your new tummy shape


  • You will be left with a scar but it can fade after a while. The good news is that the scar can easily be covered up using clothes and even swimwear
  • If you plan to become pregnant soon you should wait until you have finished having children before you have a tummy tuck. This is because being pregnant can result in a change in your tummy size and shape which may require another tuck.
  • Risks occur with all we do. However complications are low.
  • Risks exists with any surgery or procedure. These  include infection, blood clots, skin death, seroma, busting sutures. Most of this occur with lack of adherence to instructions.
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Who is a Tummy Tuck Ideal For?

A tummy tuck is ideal for anyone who:
  • Has extra skin on their abdomen. This can be due to pregnancy, weight gain, excess skin, aging, or other issues
  • Protuberant abdominals with or without excess skin

Having Realistic Expectations

It’s important that if you’re thinking about having a tummy tuck that you also have realistic expectations.
  • Results can change if there are changes in your weight
  • Scars can take up to two years to heal
  • Aging will still occur  thus your body can change.
  • Success is based on understanding risks of all surgery and following instructions.
Tummy tucks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their success rates and the ease of the procedure. If you would like to undergo a tummy tuck please make sure that you do your research and understand the risks.
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